Monday, November 14, 2011

The Other 99% of The Coin

The Other 99% of The Coin

It's always hard to see the stupidity that results from those who decide that they're a % of the market that isn't being represented by either the 99% or the 1%. Take for example this fine armed forces member.. '

I'm just really confused by his sign. Yes, that's right. He is the 0.99% and yet he's equal to the 1%? Sure looks like they let him shoot Haji without much of an education.

I just don't understand his claim. Not taking hand outs? He's paid 40K a year to threateningly stare at Okinawan women and he believes he's the 1% of the 99%? It's not like the Federal Government feeds him. Puts clothing on his back while also giving him lodging and will pay for his college education. But hey, he's never taken a handout in his life.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention fucking free healthcare for life? Yeah... keep telling yourself you're part of the 1%. It's shit like this that always annoys the piss out of me. This indoctrination point that happens in boot camp and in infantry school that they keep on repeating till its jack hammered into their head - 'You are the one percent that will serve'.

The problem is that even with his sacrifice of mental and physical hardship for his country, he's going to have egg on his face when he gets back and can't find a job doing anything because military training isn't worth a damn to most companies anymore. Regardless of what your recruiter told you.

I have to feel sad whenever I see someone who actually believes what their employer tells them as if it's in their best interest to keep you happy. Here's a little helpful hint - You will not get massive amounts of ass in foreign countries. Unless of course you want a green card marriage.

In any case, when I see signs like the one I originally posted it gets me so fucking pissed. The only thing I can do to calm myself down is to look at signs like this:

It helps me until my blood pressure is back down. Because really, that's one of the best well worded OWS signs I have read. It's quick and to the point in what the fuck happened wrong with our system.

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