Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Walking Dead To Me Show

The Walking - Dead To Me Show

Jesus Christ, I've seen zombies move faster than the snails pace that the show's season story arc is currently moving at. If you don't know what I mean, then try to remember how the Sophia, the little girl who was lost in episode 1 of this season looked like.

I dare you to try to remember how she looked like. So I'll be surprised that when they reveal that she was turned into a zombie in episode 7 that anyone will even notice... or even care about it to begin with.

Then Lori told Rick about her and Shane? Really?! Fucking really? The comic never flat out said that Rick knew. It implied it and that's why he went back to dig up his corpse and finish the job, but for Lori to flat out tell him. Ugh, at least have the baby in her belly be the potential unknown factor in all of this.

For some reason the show just loves to not bother with doing character development in any correct manner. Because then we get to Andrea. In the comics her damsel in distress period is short and gets gradually replaced with a badass markswoman who can take out zombies at 100 yards. I'd like to see the transformation start sooner rather than later on the show. All we've seen so far was a first season of her crying a lot and a second season of her being suicidal and then a perfect marksman in the span of an episode or two at most.

I'm left wondering why Andrea can't progress along at a faster rate, but then I remember that everything on this show is just moving at a painfully slow speed all around. So I should be happy that she's turning from a B-movie screaming damsel in distress to existing so a hero can save her after she does something stupid or clumsy and hopefully soon someone who could hold their own.

The sad truth is that if I haven't read the comics I would have probably thought that The Walking Dead was an okay show and kind of cool for a zombie show. But because I've read the comics, I'm really disappointed and sort of embarrassed at how bad the show is turning out to be.

I don't know how they do it, but the writers definitely have a nose for seeking out the most boring, stupidly uninteresting aspect of literally every goddamn thing in this show. I stopped caring about Sophia about half an hour after she went missing and yet they're dragging it out for the entire second season. You know, when other aspects such as... these guys keeping zombies in their barn because they think they're people and what do you know, this past episode had abortion in just about every other line. Hmmm, I wonder what is being said here in the undertones because I'm thick as shit

At the very least the BBC mini-series Dead Set is a good show about zombies and how people deal with the matter of being stuck in a zombie world. I guess the only thing worse is being stuck in a world full of women hating writers. Because that's sadly what I'm getting from the show.

The writers are going out of their way in making the female characters incompetent and bipolar. Like one of Maggie's first appearances has her whacking a walker on a horse, but one grabs her wrist and now she's powerless to defend herself? Or how about having Andrea cradle her dead sister until it was almost about to eat her, then blow its brains out at point black range? Really?

It wouldn't be so sad if the women were written to be so non-proactive, but I guess you can't blame them for the plot moving at a glacial movement pace. It's not as if Carol is constantly harping that nobody can say or do anything interesting until they find her daughter. Andrea isn't the reason they're all still on Herschel's farm anyway and Lori hasn't said or done anything to obstruct any meaningful progression. The sad truth is that none of the characters are pushing the story along in any way through their actions.

And quickly, what the hell was with the zombie in the pharmacy anyway? It just chilled in there being all quiet until it decided to attack Maggie even though Maggie and Glenn have been in there before and they were having a loud argument before with it not doing anything. Then you have Shane and Andrea being relatively quiet inside a house when suddenly they get swarmed. Except the swarm thins out to about five zombies spread out hobbling towards you when a few episodes ago Shane could barely outrun them even before getting hurt.

With these many complaints and more I just can't believe how much they've botched this show up. Any tribute to the source material would have yielded an at least decent show when you think about it. But as it stands, the dialogue, lack of character development and stagnant plot mixed in with few and far between dramatic action is absolutely embarrassing.

It really has become something that I'm still tuning-in on out of curiosity. I did the same thing with heroes for a time before I eventually gave it up and stopped bothering to watch it.

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