Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well, At Least There's Hockey - NBA Gets Nuked

Well, At Least There's Hockey - NBA Gets Nuked

It looks like the NCAA TV Contracts are about to get a lot more lucrative as the NBA season has been pretty much kissed goodbye.

The only downside is that there's no NBA to draft players from though. But over all, a collective FUCK YOU is being said by the millions of NBA fans and I'm sure they hope that he gets sued for triple damages by the team owners. At this point there's nothing to do but enjoy their "Nuclear Winter" in Basketball. No matter how you shake it, the owners are going to get fucked and it's going to be utterly awesome.

Because the owners aren't negotiating, so they sort of deserve it. They are just saying "Take this shit sandwich or take this even worse shit sandwich". They are claiming losses but are also unwilling to open their financial records to actually prove those losses. They've refused to meet in an effort to delay negotiations and make it harder for players to take part of other legal remedies. They are misrepresenting and purposefully obfuscating their financial position to claim hardship as one of the bases by which they say they want to cut player salaries by 18% and more of.

Their stance is that we should all be looking at those millionaire players and see them as greedy fuckers for having such a high salary for playing a game.. You know, all while ignoring the billionaire owners who are getting paid to do absolutely nothing.

At this point it's just a question on how likely is it that the end results will be an all new all-scab NBA. But for those of you thinking that you may have a career in the all-scab NBA, don't hold your breath. This is, after all, a lockout and not a strike. The owners don't want to have games at all. So it's kind of hard to claim that the employees are at fault here when you are preventing them from fulfilling the contract terms that you are obligated to pay them over.

At least there's some ways they can make an honest buck...

The scary part is that most white basketball fans won't even miss it with the NCAA. The average white person likes college ball more anyway because it's "more fundamental and less about showboating". All of which are traits that come with being a more white people sport.

Obviously the owners in all this are Capital and should be viewed as entirely bad. Which makes you question on why exactly you should be supporting the players making millions of dollars. The reason you should is because the players are not overpaid. They're actually underpaid. If there was no player's union and collective bargaining agreement, the players would be making around 50 million a year at the top instead of about only 15 million.

It's a sad fact that 60% of the players go bankrupt in retirement, most are signed to 1 year contracts, they're typically underpaid compared to athletes in other sports and owners fudged their numbers and aren't really in the red. But even at that, the players' income is directly tied to league revenue. So saying that they're "overpaid" is an indictment of your own consumption habits of the sport.

But even with all this, we still have a sort of proof that Americans are utterly stupid in every way possible:

And while that is a small sample size, it's still pretty bad. I'd like to see the overlap between people who answer ESPN polls and people who are fucking stupid as shit. Because I'm pretty sure they're all one in the same.

It's also sad to realize that many people who have this stance seemed to be more sympathetic to the players during the NFL labor talks, but not so with the NBA talks.. and it just boils down to a lot of people thinking that the "players are just greedy" when it comes to the NBA.

No wait. That's not interesting so much as it is just flat out shitty. Hmm, maybe that's not as bad as a football player. Apparently the average American football player makes it to age 28 before retiring. And they have to endure some crazy shit. A linebacker tackling somebody at full tilt has the approximate force of a car hitting a brick wall at around 30 mph.

Your average basketball player, on the other hand, has the chance to do this after making a fly ball...

Welp, that one clip changed my mind. Fuck basketball for this season. Just declare the Lakers winners so we can get on with the riots. Daddy needs a new TV.

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