Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Internet - 50 Years Ago

The Internet - 50 Years Ago

Something went wrong with my time machine this past weekend when we jumped back an hour. It seems that I may have jumped too far back. Much longer than an hour. For you see I'm stuck in the past. Only with some killer internet connection. The only problem is that there's no reliable bittorrent streams since I'm the only one with an actual connection to the internets.

But while I'm here, I may as well complain about the daily current affairs of the time as if it was some sort of topical subject to converse on.

I heard the Fidel announced two days ago that Cuba is a Marxist Leninist state. You have to admit that it's pretty cool. I can't wait to see what that does for the image of communism for the rest of the world.

Ha ha ha. Look at how fat Che is getting. Just look at that neckbeard he has going on there. Sure seems like communism feeds you well enough. Though I hear rumors that there's nuclear missiles on Cuba... Man, you just watch Kennedy go start a fucking war.

It wouldn't surprise me, just look at how America is sending advisers to fight against Ho Chi Minh's forces. Though it's not like it really matters, he isn't a real anti-imperialist anyway..

This communist thing is picking up steam. It's the wave of the future. Just you wait. Allende's actually going to win the election eventually and Chile's going to move toward glorious fucking socialism as well. I don't care if he's lost every election to date. You just wait. Currently Sudan, Indonesia and Iraq have the three largest communist parties in the third world. What could possibly go wrong with this picture?

Fuck! I probably should watch what I say before one of you decides to turn me in to the FBI and the House of Unamerican Activities committee. Though if you're one of those who would rat me out you probably just assume that my commie ass is going to go to jail sooner or later. Till then I have a good 8 years to help the soviets win the space race.

Or maybe I can join the masses and abandon class struggle in favor of identity politics. Now time to post this on the non-existing internet

*spends an hour feeding punch cards into the computer in order to post:*

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