Monday, January 9, 2012

And To The Victor Goes The Gaming Rights

And To The Victor Goes The Gaming Rights

It seems that there's a new war porn game coming out every few months for the xbox, ps3, computer system or whatever other addiction electronics. All of which are the same. You see the U.S. troop kicking major ass from whatever third world.

A lot of the times it's just circle jerking of past wars we were the victors in. So I suppose that's one of the benefits that comes from winning the war - you get to get the bragging rights of making a video game out of it. Which I guess is the main reason why you haven't seen many war porn games made out of Vietnam.

Well, not many till now...

If that's not just some strange shit right there. I'll tell you, it would be pretty crazy if there is a mission where you pop up from a little hole in the jungle floor, shoot an American invader and then pop down quickly and watch as they all lose their shit and call in an air strike on a random part of the jungle.

I imagine some of the commands are in the area like PRESS AND HOLD "X" TO UNLOCK "FECES SMEARED SPIKES" for punji pit.

It does look pretty crazy to see someone else's take on the whole war porn stuff. Though the sad thing of all this is that you only fight the french in this one. No American invaders in this just yet. But hey, fingers crossed for a sequel, right?

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