Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Sunk My Battleship.... THE MOVIE

You Sunk My Battleship.... THE MOVIE

I'm pretty sure that decades of sitting in front of the idiot box called a Television followed by even more time spent in front of this computer screen has killed anything remotely close to resembling an imagination. Because when I see the trailer for Battleship: The Movie, I have no fucking idea what sort of drugs the writers had to be on in order to come up with this:

I'll tell you what, those writers must have had some really interesting games of Battleship in their youth. No other way to explain how they came up with that happening. Typically when I got frustrated with the game I would just kick over the game board and walk away. I would not have come up with some sort of alien situation like that.

I'm seriously going to need massive amounts of drugs to ever see that film.

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