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Fuck Da Police - 2012

Fuck Da Police - 2012

To be perfectly honest, I have never felt more safe in the presence of a police officer than in the absence of one. As an adult, the only times I have felt completely unsafe were when one or more police officers were nearby. Such is the life of a minority.

So I guess it's time for yet another message that should be repeated loud and clear for the new year. That message is: Fuck Da Police. I mean, seriously, did you think 2012 would be any different when it comes to this message?

If that shows anything it's that the cops should be nothing more than safety patrol people who walk around the perimeter of a construction site and tell people "Whoa there, folks. Now it's a bit dangerous in there, please avoid it."

In fact, one of my real fears besides shark attacks is being tortured to death by police. Guess which of those two things is most likely to happen. I can give you a clue, it's not the shark attack one.

I know what you're thinking, uh, maybe don't do illegal shit and you won't have anything to worry about from no cops, Javier. Ever think about that? I swear, some of the people who have recommended that I just stay on the clean and narrow..

Regardless of the situation, you will never walk away better off after contact with police. Never. That's even if you are able to walk away at all. You should treat the police with a sort of frightened disgust. As though you just had been walking in the dark, felt something squish under your bare foot and realized that you stepped on a massive insect of some kind. Coincidentally, the police would like to do that to you as well.

You should also never let the police inside your house, for any reason what-so-ever. If you are expecting them, which I would question why exactly you would "need" to talk to them, you're better off going outside to do so. Don't let a cop into your home. Don't open your door if they are there and you are not expecting them. Especially if you aren't expecting them.

I've come to the conclusion that like many other things in life, dealing with the police is a no-win situation. I just sort of fear that one day the cops will knock on my door, and I'll be all Mr. tough guy with the "come back with a warrant" and then they'll just flat out murder me in cold blood and get off scot free because I'm a Mexican and obviously I was smuggling drugs into the country.

And why not? Well, do you remember that kid in high school who called everyone homophobic slurs, harassed people in the locker rooms, and spent his time beating up the kids who were smaller and more passive than he was? Yeah, that kid is now a cop.

The only sentences to ever say to a police officer if you are under suspicion and they wont let you go is:

"am i being detained in any way?"
if so: "am i being arrested" (asking if you are arrested first can be considered an admission of guilt)
if not: "am i free to go" get the fuck away
if arrested: "give me my lawyer"

You can also keep asking them "Am I free to go", then if you're taken away, only "Give me my lawyer." Because everything you say not only can, it will be used against you in every way possible.

It's not like they're out to hurt you or anything, well except for the proof that they very well may be. You know, like when a situation comes up when a cop killing a dude at a bar just cause. Though maybe that officer had probable cause. You know, a dart can be used as a weapon. Though there isn't enough information here to know for certain, but I don't put much stock in that witness statement. It sure sounds like there is information being omitted...

But then, of course, you didn't die because the cops beat you to death, you died because while you were being arrested, you suffered from excited delirium and died of a heart attack. Much the same, you didn't get robbed because someone broke into your house, you were robbed because while a burglar was in your home, your possessions suffered a case of grabby hands.

Much the same, your car didn't get wrecked because someone swerved into you, your car just had a moment of kaboom-pow-wham! when his car beeped into yours. And you didn't skin your elbow because someone pushed you, you got a boo-boo during shovey-time.

See how this is working out to be like?

On that note, can I get into a new topic. You know the thing about attacking the cops is that unless everybody in the area is doing it too, you're looking at many years in prison at a minimum, and that's assuming that you actually survive the situation.

The general rule of thumb is to never touch a cop at all. Ever. Period, For any reason, EVER. Unless you are 100% confident that you can immediately disappear and never be seen again for the rest of your life, like if you turned into some roaming hobo or something, you just shouldn't touch a cop.

Why is this advice good? Well, take for example the cops on the bay area train system.

They just walk around and through trains like this as a show of force. They do this all day, every day. Day in and day out.

And if that wasn't enough to scare you, a year or two ago the supreme court ruled that remaining silent doesn't qualify as invoking your right to remain silent.. Which.. I don't know how that works, because really, someone still needs to explain to me how that works in reality, but know that you remaining silent is not as good as you remaining silent...

So again, never talk to cops.

It's also pretty sad that this Onion news article sounds closer to reality than what is being printed up on the cover of your daily newspaper:

On a final note, I do like it how a cop is always the first to say "I don't pick and choose which laws I enforce" and I guess he's accidentally telling the truth there. It's really culture that picks them for him. For example, in our culture sexual assault is actually pretty much a-okay in the eyes of the privileged and powerful and yeah, the police will occasionally do their nominal jobs with regards to specific cases here and there, but the consensus right now is that actually trying to get justice for that crime through our current system is just a terrible, terrible nightmare for survivors.

Someone smarter than me can maybe talk about how we can fix that in more specific terms, but fundamentally I just don't think the police really involve themselves in crime so much as in preserving the status quo of whatever community they operate in. So I don't know if we succeed in extracting all the toxic shit from the culture and manage to institute something like a sincerely democratic regime that's perfectly ideological pure are cops a necessity then? It's difficult to see how or why, but all I know right ow is that I don't want to deal with any fucking police any time soon in this current state of society.

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