Sunday, January 1, 2012

You're Letting Me Down, Humanity

You're Letting Me Down, Humanity

I thought that with 2011 over with, we could be like the myth of the phoenix and rise from the ashes of our former shitty version of humanity. I've come to realize that it's not just a matter of alt+ctr+del'ing the past year and pressing the hard reset to achieve such an act.

Especially not when I come across a lot of the following random assortment of pictures I will post and comment on in today's very lazy day sort of blog post. Consider it a clip show or a glorified tumbler posting. Speaking of which, a new years resolution I plan on keeping is to continue not being on Tumblr.

Anyhow, on to the shooting gallery. It's really a sad day when I wake up and realize that I agree with 50 cent.

More horrifying is when I actively think that voting for him would probably get more accomplished than what we ended up getting out of Obama. And this isn't me being some sort of converted republican. I hate the republicans good and plenty. But by no means is this two party system anything more than a smoke screen for us feeling like we have a choice and continuously getting bent over, taking it from all angles.

How could I ever be a conservative or even republican. It would require some sort of religion to be a staple. And I know that one thing I never want to do is agree with anything anyone who has this bumper sticker has to say about any subject matter.

But hey, that's capitalism and we're all here in this free market. Just floating along and singing our song while we make and dance to the tune of dollar signs. As long as someone pays for the shit, right? It'll continue to get things like this going on. Which, by goodness, I know will not change in 2012, but man do I hope it does.

First off, what the hell is wrong with his face? I guess the answer to that is too much gamer food. Which just leads to the next question on what the fuck exactly is gamer food? Maybe there's some instructions with the packet:
Do not overfeed your gamer with GamerFood Pellets®. If your gamer does not eat all of the pellets, remove them from his cage.
Because really, what sort of moron would buy gamer food? Is calling up for mom to bring you some hot pockets too difficult? Or maybe it's due to the fact that someone wanted the license to "gamer food" and hoped that it would take off. But hey, I guess it's just another way for Jonathan FATAL1TY Wendel to make a quick buck.

On a side note, the real answer as to what's wrong with his face is that his nostrils are abnormally bulky for his nose. Maybe he has found a way to store gamer food pellets up there. Just the same way that Tony Hawk found a way to milk money out of skate boarding for decades after when a grown man shouldn't ride a piece of wood and four small wheels.

But again, this is capitalism and in such a society, we need to accept these sort of things. We also need to accept how shitty health care is in our country. Much like what this girl needs to do in order to fight her cancer

This right here. This is why you're letting me down, Humanity. Fuckin' America. Only here must a 21 year old woman pose nude for internet creeps to pay for her chemotherapy and then if that isn't bad in itself, she has to apologize for shaving her hair off.

I know, you free market folks must be thinking that it sounds like a situation where her lack of access to healthcare allowed her rugged individualism to shine through, all thanks to the wonders of capital.

But to me this is all the shit that keeps us down. Healthcare in this country is so fucked up that I can't even think about it properly and I doubt that 2012 will do anything more than fuck it up in a different direction. It's probably a small thing, but getting a letter of rejection because you have a pre-existing condition is itself such a demoralizing experience which no one should have to deal with.

Why hell there, you are too fucked of a person to take part in the normal process of living a healthy human life that most people in this country enjoy, get fucked, sincerely, a faceless corporation.

Then, you know, when you get so desperate and broke trying to treat such illness like a brain tumor, there's every hill ahead of you. Not that I have a brain tumor or anything, but my god I can't picture a worse thing for someone who has a serious condition than to have to worry on when their healthcare provider is just going to up and drop them because they aren't making money hand over fist on them and actually, you know, have to act like a healthcare provider.

But hey, at least we can relive our best Dr. Pepper moment of the year..

Be better, 2012. Be better..

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