Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is There A God?

Is There A God?



There is no god. Besides that, it's all irrelevant to the way I live my life anyway. But I just felt the need to tackle this tough question because it's 2012 and that's when many morons believe the world will end. Know why? Cause they're morons. Also because they follow the words of some Aztecs and what not.

Besides that, if I were to believe in a higher power, there damn well better be more than one of them. Because seriously, just one is fucking boring.

If gods exist, they probably got bored with us a long time ago, much like my PC running a program or Civilization simulations. I just leave those suckers on for days and days cause I forget to turn them off. Yup, that's probably the best you can hope for.

Wasn't it Richard Dawkins or someone like him, that contributed the idea of a teapot floating far away in space as a metaphor for a deistic god. There's really no way of proving that it's there, and if it was there it wouldn't matter at all to anyone ever, but it might be there. You just never know!

Which I guess confuses me about agnosticism. It's an epistemological statement about the possibility of knowledge of the existence of god, while atheism is a metaphysical statement about the actual existence of god. You can put them together in any combination you like.
"god does exist, and he has constructed a universe in which even the most imaginative of his creatures cannot logically conceive of his existence as both omniscient and omnipotent, because the two concepts appear to them to be mutually exclusive, and any attempt to prove or disprove his existence is impossible."

That right there is conceivable circumstance under which God could exist, and you cannot disprove it, and any attempt to do so is utterly futile because the concept of god delineated within it operates beyond the realm of proof by its very definition. Now, I do not think that this is a very likely scenario, and in fact I am so convinced that it is not likely that I actively shun any structure through which I could attempt to gain insight into god because I think it's a waste of time, but logically, the concept of god is completely limitless by its very definition and thus un-disprovable.

Which is why it makes the discussion about the actual existence of god, like, the least interesting philosophical questions I can imagine, despite its very profound consequences in the real world. With all that said, God very obviously does not exist, but I'm still going to argue for that stance because answering back to those with the simple "prove to me that god doesn't exist, absolutely 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt." people is the worse and throwing that question back at them usually results in the worse answers ever heard.

If you really think about it, an omnipotent God is funny because it means you can just ignore God entirely since it's impossible to figure out the wishes of a being that is impossible to observe or explain logically. Even if many people still try to.

Other metaphysical entities aren't really the same since they don't have that qualifier. And even though an omnipotent being could choose to act in a logical manner, if you ever read any part of the bible for more than a sentence or two, then you would realize that the fucker contradicts himself so many times. So again, logical is not in the beings vocabulary.

The whole notion of omnipotence is internally contradictory, so we can either dismiss it and live in a sane world or give up all hope and retreat into completely disordered thinking based on whatever we want. Which is almost certainly how we work anyway, but that's not a reason we would accept for anything else, and the only reason we do it in this case is because of the historical inertia of the idea, which is not, in my honest opinion, a good idea.

Reframing it as "Is God useful to believe in?" also doesn't address the argument which is "does God exist?". Which you cannot with absolute certainty declare one way or another on.

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