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Lady Hoggers - Catching Pigs

Lady Hoggers - Catching Pigs

I used to be one of those people who disliked reality tv. Not because it was all bad. But because on a business stand point, it was sort of cutting my job out of it on all fronts. Above the line, it killed the writing aspect of it. You don't need a script, or at least a fleshed out one from a writer, when you have the stupid yokle making up whatever he's saying.

Then on a production aspect of it, as a grip, It doesn't really require me to do much. Your average reality show has a very bare bones production crew working it. So I wasn't all that keen on them. And yet here I am writing about them. Who would have thunk it.

Then we get to stuff that the A&E shows....

At one point in time A&E meant Arts and Entertainment. I guess the second part can be said about this, but I'm not sure by how much. It's seriously one of those really bizaar shows that you really don't know what to think about it.

They don't even try to hide the formula for this show. It's a simple matter of Tits + Hogs + Rednecks = Ratings Gold.

Or at least they hope for it to be that way. The description makes it sound as if wild hogs are just too out of control and need to be killed on sight. Saying that at the moment there's an estimated 4-5 million feral hogs running wild across the country. A lot of them are mainly centered in the Gulf Coast and if you've seen the promotional clips, they're mean, destructive and brutal creatures that devastate agriculture, infect livestock with disease, destroy entire ecosystems and even attack humans.

One hog can wipe out an entire acre of property in just one night and an entire pack of hogs can do far worse. They cause billions of dollars in crop and property damage every year. They can grow to be 700 lb beasts with 6-inch razor sharp tusks. They're an invasive species with no natural predators... except for two chicks with massive breast...

Introducing Christine Chreene

By the ladylike looks of her, you’d never think Texas native Christie Chreene’s greatest passion in life was hog hunting. But it’s undeniably in her blood. On the hunt since she was just a 3-years-old, all it took was one father-daughter hogging trip and she never looked back. Now blazing the swamps of Florida, she’s been proving that this fine-looking southern woman can take a hog by the hinds like no other.

Then there's Julie Snead
Jule Snead is a quick-witted small-town gal and the daughter of a Yankee in Texas, is new to the sport and caught the hogging bug recently from her husband and some friends who showed her that pretty girls can hog just as good as any—if not better! And with Julie’s fearless rookie skills and Christie’s flawless intuition, this tag team is unstoppable.
Oh yeah, there's also a guy who shows up in the episode whenever the camera isn't focused on breast. But who cares about that dude anyway?

The anouncer of the show is also a bit odd. He has a weird mix of Charlie and the Guy from Dukes of Hazard going. It really makes you wonder if it's being stated like that in an ironic way or if it's serious for serious sake. Because it's a bit strange.

The show consist of Gary's hunt, which isn't all that interesting and then shows the girls with a comedic side kick of a random red neck that the show could not afford top billing for, I suppose.

So what makes this show so great? Well... nothing. It's not great at all. I only watched it cause it was the only thing on and the concept was so out there. Besides that, boobs. Also whenever they catch a hog and tie it up they always have to state that it's going to go to a good family. I can imagine those families wondering why people are dumping live hogs in their property.

Well, at least they get a shit ton of pork related products free of charge and get to visit with some really strange hog hunters every now and then.

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