Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shit White People Shit...

Shit White People Shit...

Didn't I tell you that we weren't done with this subject? True to my word. We're not. How about we look at the other side of the coin in what black girls think whities act like in Shit Girls Say To Black Girls

Ij these videos, a black woman caractures a white girl. She hits on a lot of things that black women experience. Stuff about hair, things about black men and what not.

This video is titled Shit White Girls Say to Arab Girls

These aforementioned videos address the racial ignorance of white people, but it's always based on a white female. That is not fair to white women at all. And Women in General.

It's not just gender and race they tackle, but also sexuality:

Then again, there's always the real dark side to all of this shit....

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