Sunday, January 29, 2012

You'll Die Alone

You'll Die Alone

A lot of people fool themselves into relationships, especially during this time of the year with Valentine's Day so close, mainly because of the fear of being alone. I'd wager that it has a lot to do with more than just the fear of being alone, but with the fear of dying alone.

Why? Well, if you die alone it's more common that you have this notion that you will not be remembered. And in the end, isn't that what really matters? You can kill a person but you can't kill an idea after all. What they don't tell you and what we all know is that even though you can't kill an idea, it's pointless if it's not remembered.

And really, that's the biggest fear. Why the leaders erected great big statues of themselves to achieve godlike status. To be remembered. Because it's true. You can't kill an idea, but you can let it die out and never be forgotten.

It's no wonder we put our names on a tomb on a grave. Not for us. But for anyone who crosses paths with it in the future will read our name and even if that's all that's left, it's still something to last as a memory.

So when I post these pictures of mass coffins being put into the ground, I'm pretty sure it creates some sort of fear in the back of your mind. You really don't want to end up like this. That's why you get married. That's why you have a big family. So that you can have people around you for a long time and to remember you. To send you that Christmas card. To call you up on your birthday.

No one ever really wants to die alone.. Let alone have an unmarked grave. It's probably considered one of the saddest things to see an unmarked grave because you realize.. no one knows who's there.

Do you know what these are? It's the poor people. The box they're carrying in the above picture contains 24 stillborn fetuses. Yeah, tragic. I know. But it goes to show that even the poor need some respect when they die. It's what shows we are human. The ability to mourn for the loss of life. Even if we didn't know them. You can't just leave them out in the field. Which is probably where they died.

To be perfectly honest, I sort of want to be buried anonymously with 3 dozen strangers when I die. It doesn't sound all that half bad. At the very least I wont be lonely... in theory. But nah, I really just want to be burned or have a natural burial.

Just toss me on a boat, cover it with gas and other flammable items and just let me burn into to ocean forever. Die how I lived, all washed up.

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