Friday, January 27, 2012

Unionized Teachers? Pfft, Fuck'em

Unionized Teachers? Pfft, Fuck'em

Kentucky sounds like an interesting place that I will eventually want to drive through and spend a couple of days in seeing what it has to offer. Especially Harlem County. I mean, who doesn't like a little moonshine and U.S. Marshalling? I guess the one thing that Kentucky doesn't like is unionized jobs. Specifically those teachers. And who can blame them? I mean, they are ruining our youth and making them dumber. Know a great idea? Let's take money away from them!
When Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) proposed his 2012-2013 budget this week, he admitted that it was “inadequate for the needs” of the state’s people. “We should be making substantial investments in our physical and intellectual infrastructure to bring transformational change to our state,” Beshear said. “This budget does not allow us to do enough of that.”

Beshear’s assessment of his own budget is, unfortunately, correct. The budget makes $286 million in cuts, including a 6.4 percent cut to a higher education system that has been plagued by funding cuts and rising tuition for years. And though it attempts to preserve K-12 education funding, it will result in less spending on Kentucky’s students and schools, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports:[indent]
Although the main funding formula for K-12 schools wouldn’t be cut, population growth means spending per student would decline. Also, education officials say the current year’s population estimate was low, resulting in a cut of more than $50 million to that funding formula.

At the same time, the $43 million tax break Kentucky approved for a Bible-themed amusement park — which will include a 500-foot by 75-foot reproduction of Noah’s Ark — could go into effect for the first time under Beshear’s budget. In addition, the budget includes $11 million to improve a highway interchange near the park. Proponents of the park, Beshear included, have claimed it will boost tourism and create jobs, but those assumptions are based on a report done by the park’s developers.

While Beshear’s budget isn’t guaranteed to pass as proposed, it will likely go through mostly unchanged. Unfortunately, that means lawmakers could jeopardize Kentucky’s substantial gains in K-12 education and ensure ballooning tuition rates at its colleges and universities, all while they preserve tax breaks for what critics have dubbed the “Ark Park.”
It's odd that they're suggesting that we should be making substantial investments in our physical infrastructure to bring transformational change to the state.. Oh gosh, if only there was some sort of, like, governor, that could change that. Boy, that'd be hell of a lot more helpful, wouldn't you think?

But hey, fuck that I can't wait to visit the creation museum and the ark park in the same weekend. All thanks to Steve Besher (D), again... that D stands for democrat.

You know, why don't they just get it over with and replace all public education with Youtube lectures and web form standardized tests. Like those self checkout deals at the supermarket. Recess can be replaced by 30 minutes of xbox a day to cut down on grounds keeping and supervision. All you'll need then is like, 1 or 2 IT guys and maybe a few security guards and janitors to mop up the piss and droppings from this future rat cage.

Or fuck it, why the hell not turn the kids into janitors. After this piss poor education, one union janitor can be turned into 30 child janitor slaves. It's a win-win for everyone involved, especially a nice way to shit on top of those union jobs once more.

Just more fuel to add to the fire that is my stance that teachers are the least respected profession anyone can pick and I doubt this country will change its view on them as anything but the enemy that is keeping our kids "dumb" anytime soon.

To all you teachers out there, know that not everyone doesn't appreciate what you go through. Sadly Kentucky is going to be added to the list of places that just doesn't care..

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