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You Wont Have Lucas To Kick Around Anymore

You Wont Have Lucas To Kick Around Anymore

And on this day I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in relief and were suddenly silenced on who they could bitch about. For you see, George Lucas turning off his light saber and calling it quits. Retiring from this crazy rat race we call the industry..

“I’m retiring,” says Lucas. “I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.” Rather the Star Wars creator is reputedly returning to the kind of esoteric art films which he has eschewed since his feature debut, THX 1138, failed to find any kind of meaningful audience.

It’s a potential move which has already found favour with the producer of that debut flop, Francis Ford Coppola – the Apocalypse Now director remarking, “Now that [Lucas has] demonstrated hos commercial moviemaking abilities, it’s time to show his other side.”

The source of this change of direction in his autumn shade could be interpreted as Lucas feeling he has achieved all he ever wanted to achieve with Red Tails. Or it could be he is sore that his WWII actioner was passed over for distribution by the major studios, with him being left to pick up the cost; with this and the production budget taken into account, the endeavour is reckoned to have cost him just shy of $100m.

So Lucas is retiring. I'm not sure how one can really retire from something they haven't been doing much anyway. You know his role was simple to stamp something with the "Cannon" or "non-cannon" stamp and just sit back while the checks came in the mail. That was fox's biggest problem, they only got distribution rights. So whenever a new version of the film comes out, it may not be due to Lucas wanting to show how it was originally intended by in fact to give Fox some new cash flow.

It's also not as if Lucas was actively making many movies. This whole notion that Red Tails was the film he's been trying to make for 20 years is crazy. Well, he may have wanted to, but at any time he could have. Remember, this is a man who used model X-wings to create what was the best damn space dog fight in film history. What exactly was he waiting for to make Red Tails?

Not to mention that we should just throw it out there, Red Tails may have been his passion film, the film that once ignored and overlooked in the January dumping ground was the straw that snapped this camel's back, but the marketing for it was horrendous at best..

Why yes, who would think that it was a good idea to add Dubstep music to a World War II period piece, why not.

So this victory can be said it's one for the books. The underdog finally overtook the evil empire. Much like how the Ewoks kicked the ass of the evil oppressors and how those snowed in rebels destroyed those AT-AT on Hoth.

But speaking on Hoth, can I get my nerd rage on for one second? Well, not so much nerd rage but nerd confusion. You see, when I was looking back at that in Empire Strikes Back, the film that everyone seems to think is the best of the series due to "the bad guy winning", some little flaws occurred to me.

*Blast cockpit of fallen walker, it explodes*

But to be fair, I'm pretty sure that young Skywalker disabled its shield with his strategically placed lightsaber strike somehow. For some reason as a child it all made sense to me that the AT-AT had been weakened by that fall. And sure enough from Wookieepedia, which I'm not sure if they went dark last week for SOPA
"The walker's strong external durasteel armor was virtually impervious to all but the heaviest of artillery weapons.[6][9]
The most vulnerable part of the walker was a weak point found at its flexible neck, which was susceptible to lighter blaster barrages. The legs were also somewhat unstable and could be tripped, leaving the walker defenseless.[2] While first appearing to be a slow, lumbering vehicle, the AT-AT would often times be on top of its enemies before they knew what had hit them.[7] The AT-AT also lacked armor covering on its underbelly, leaving the spot vulnerable to mounted guns or portable missile launchers. To remedy this weakness, AT-STs were usually stationed around the flank of the walker to ensure nothing was given a clear shot at the AT-AT's weak underside.[9]"
Don't you get it?! The shot from the Rebel pilot that destroyed the downed AT-AT was cleary in the above-mentioned weak point. That shot was probably made in celebration and the pilot probably had no expectation that it would have had such an explosive effectiveness.

The statement that Luke Skywalker made about the armor's resistance to blaster fire was made in the heat of a heretofore unseen battle against the best ground force in the galaxy, which until this point was deemed unstoppable. No army or group before it had faced a squadron of Imperial AT-AT's and survived, much less discovered their weaknesses or destroyed any of them. It is unreasonable to hold him canon accountable as at the time of his statement the Snowspeeder's mounted blasters seemed to be quite useless against such a mighty power.

It is amazing that the Rebels were able to down as many walkers as they did before the fortress was toppled. Especially given their own forces and the historical nature of the battle. This was a first, and without the skill, talent, ingenuity, and luck of people like Skywalker, the Rebel Alliance would have surly fallen on that cold day. So maybe I should show a little more respect to the matter. I know.

But all this does remind me that when I was a child. No, I mean literally a child, I bought all the Star WARS technical manuals and tech specs for all sorts of junk in the Star Wars universe. Which were basically these books where they did faux diagrams and tech specs for ships that will never see the light of reality from the star wars universe and they were chock full of fluff text. They basically served no purpose but to fill my child brain with idiot thoughts about space lasers.

I do wonder if I can submit those as patents and just fuck with Lucas even more. I mean, what does he care, he's retiring after all.. Or at least that's what he says. Even though he is working on the small screen with a new Star Wars program. Which they did let slip some info regarding.

They made it known that the Star Wars TV series was going to be set after episode 3 and highlight the underbelly of Corescant. Yeah, just what the Star Wars universe needed, a fucking CSI: Crime solving series set in the sci-fi universe. As if CSI doesn't already deal enough with science fiction when it comes to solving crimes.

It's perfectly fitting to put that after the prequels, you know, considering the high stakes awesomeness that the prequels brought in terms of political diplomacy and what not..

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