Friday, January 20, 2012

Shit Shit Says To Shit

Shit Shit Says To Shit

If you haven't been on Facebook or just about anywhere internet Memes exist lately, I guess you haven't been exposed to the latest craze that your friends are talking about. Which is "Shit _____ say to _______"

It's this new rage over on youtube with the kids these days. The thing that interests me the most is how people express how they see other races or genders. Or in many cases both. It's a hard and honest look at how someone sees someone else. In many instances it's not very flattering and in many instances the videos are played by actors who aren't of said gender or race.

Many of them aren't very funny. Not to sound like the old grumpy man who yells to his neighbor's kids to get off his lawn, but they aren't. Though I'll fully admit that some of them are. In fact, some of them, if you are around the environment, makes you relate to them. For other's, you may not be able to relate at all.

The whole meme started with this video, titled "Shit Girls Say"

As you can see, it is a man dressed as a woman portraying his views on how women are, in a comedic fashion. And because it was incredibly popular, it spawned copies left and right. Here is "Shit Black Girls Say":

It's pretty much the same thing as Shit Girls Say, but uses black female stereotypes. Oddly enough, for both videos, there are women that relate to it or find it funny. (I have to admit I laughed when he said "I always cry during the Color Purple", because I always cry during the Color Purple.

Another theme in these videos is the idea of giving oral sex and how the women deny it.

For the "Shit Black Girls Say", they make fun of physical abuse. Not funny. Then there's probably the only and best one out there. Shit no one talks about..

Or maybe Shit Cat's say

But perhaps someone should make "shit guys say girls say" by re-uploading the original video with that title changed. It could be very easy to make a Shit Assholes Say:
"I know! I'll make a video that stereotypes an entire group of people of some other gender/race than me and put on the 21st century equivalent of a minstrel show and it will be a youtube sensation because there's nothing funneir than tired-ass racism and misogyny."
Oh.. don't think we're done with this subject..

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