Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drugs - One Hell of a Drug

Drugs - One Hell of a Drug

I, like most people, don't do drugs. I just smoke weed... Wait, that didn't sound right. I guess there was this one time I tried get high by inhaling the nitrous oxide from a whipped cream canister but it didn't really work. So I just went ahead and ate the whipped cream. Yeah, I'm pretty hardcore like that.

We're such pussies in this country. Just look at our shit. In America it's illegal to have flavored rolling papers for tobacco or for the tobacco itself to be flavored. Just imagine how much of the world is enjoying the combination of anise paper and rum tobacco. And they say America is the free country? BULLSHIT!

And why? Well Obama banned every flavoring but menthol. For you see, it was as a gift to Philip Morris, which has something like 95% of the menthol market in the U.S. Hmmmm, makes you wonder, doesn't it? But gee, I wonder why this actually happened. Could it be cause they think flavored tobacco gets kids smoking? Yeah, 14 year old's sure as shit love Whiskey flavored tobacco.

I will admit that I pretty rare user of drugs. But I have had incredibly profound experiences on LSD that I am sure have completely changed my life and outlook on the world.

Then there's my first acid trip.. It was pretty amazing but every trip after that has been a huge disappointment. That's why I just don't bother anymore. Once I start to peak I just think "Why the fuck did I do this to myself, this isn't fun at all!" and thus, why I'm a very rare user of controlled substances. I can totally see what Albert Hofmann meant when he said LSD isn't a recreational drug. Ego softening and death is not a fun experience to deal with.

My first LSD trip was a total ego loss existential crisis. I literally thought I had become enlightened or some shit, and it was up to me to bring reality to an end and return the universe to one-ness. I spent the next 8 hours wandering around saying shit that only made sense to me. i was honestly surprised when I came down and found existence still churning along. It was pretty damn intense.

I think the metaphor that best describes the difference between Mushrooms and LSD is that mushrooms will show you the door, while LSD will push you through it and slam the door behind you.

Then again, mescaline is the best and all of you should be growing cacti, lots of legal cacti..

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