Saturday, March 24, 2012

You Know What, Fuck Snitches

You Know What, Fuck Snitches

I came across this video the other day and well, I knew before seeing it that I had a strange feeling, unfamiliar feeling. It was noon and I didn't have the urge to punch someone yet. And then I watched this.

Thank god that lack of punching someone in the face was over.

I beg you that you shouldn't read the comments. Not unless you really want to hurt yourself or someone else. Because it's pretty damn bad. In fact, don't even read the description. It's just going to serve as reasons you want to destroy something.

But I guess if we're already here, might as well talk about it. So it says that she has stolen almost 50 carts. Man, you go, Safeway cart stealer. Smash that capitalism one shopping cart at a time!

I just don't get it. Why would anyone feel that it's their duty to protect some store's property? As if it's a whole lot easier to identify with a faceless corporate entity than an actual person. You know, the actual person who is so poor that they don't have a camera or a car to drive their god damn basic food needs back home with them.

Oh, I get it. They need to carry them back home, right? Because life isn't hard enough. Besides all that, these people create another job. Have you've never seen those trucks that go around picking up the carts and taking them back to their original store for some compensation? Yeah, way to try to put a person out of a job, assholes.

This lady fucking rules. "I don't give a fuck" is the best answer you can give in a situation like that. She flipped off the cameraman when the driver turned around, I guess you can technically say that it's 4th degree assault besides the felony theft.

Still, I salute you, shopping cart lady. Fuck capitalism and fuck those snitches who try to intimidate you because they have not a god damn else thing to do with their sad existence. All while you just struggle to get by.

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