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To Kill A Stand Your Ground Law

To Kill A Stand Your Ground Law

In case you're not following. Some White kid, who later realized he's actually half hispanic, ended up flat out murdering a black kid in Florida and used the whole Stand Your Ground self defense act as a one way ticket to just simply not have to do any sort of jail time.

It's sort of a big deal on the news..

I... just don't know what the fuck to say about this shit other than Fuck Florida. Dude was just walking with his newly bought pack of skittles and this dick head Dirty Harry wannabe just goes and does this and gets away with it because of the Stand Your Ground law?

I think what has gotten lost in a lot of the discussion about Martin's killing is how effective Florida's Stand Your Ground law has been in all of this. It is impossible to dispute that the Sanford police have a history of racism or that they have mishandled this case so as to protect Zimmerman. But keep in mind that Stand Your Ground has led to a growth in "self-defense" killings because like the ride at Pirates, dead people tell no tale. In short, they cannot testify.

It's very easy in situations like this, where a direct witness to contradict the shooter's account is hard to find, to allow the shooter to get away with it because the burden of proof is on law enforcement to establish that the shooter did not have a "reasonable" fear of either death or grievous harm -- which can even include robbery.

In this case, if it wasn't for two neighbors insisting that Martin was crying for help and not Zimmerman, or the fact that Martin happened to be on his phone with his girlfriend right before the confrontation, any potential prosecutor would have a hard time overcoming the immunity from prosecution Stand Your Ground bestows on those claiming self-defense. There is no affirmative defense a shooter has to make during trail -- there is, in effect, not trail unless the police establish "probable cause," and even then the burden is on the prosecution to convince a judge and jury that the self-defense claim is wrong.

It's rather sad and tragic that there was people saying all this when the law was being debated and all the law supporters were going on about how "that's ridiculous hysteria" and since the law was passed it has happened over and over and over again.

Even the person who wrote the Stand Your Ground law basically said Zimmerman should have been fucked and it shouldn't apply to him as soon as he said he was going after the kid. I'm also pretty sure that when a Florida republican who wrote a Dirty Harry law says 'you screwed up', I'm pretty sure that you damn near screwed up.

I have no problem with using a weapon in self defense and the fact that many gun owners have one for that single purpose. But the simple thought of using one of my guns in self defense is terrifying and abhorrent. Not to mention that you don't have to tell me I have a duty to retreat first, because priority number one is getting the fuck out of there. Not following the person who has a bag of Skittles and shooting them. But hey, apparently that's a foreign concept to a number of gun owners.

But hey, none of that matters when it's a hate crime done out of racism. And I say that with full effect. I'm not just playing the race card to play it. The race card being played here is well warranted. How else do you explain how after he fucking called him a coon?


It's uh... really fucking clear what he said there. You can clearly hear him, after his 911 call, he can very much be heard saying "Fucking coons" under his breath before he hung up. And yet a bunch of Zimmerman defenders are claiming that it's something made up by liberals and I have literally given them the audio clip and the time stamp where he says it and they're just all "Nope, I don't hear anything there!"

Well at the very least Florida will be consumed by reptiles. So enjoy Gatorworld.. and by that I mean what Florida will be in another decade.

Oh, you didn't know? Eventually Florida is just going to get consumed by giant snakes. Many Florida homes have Burmese pythons in their backyards that cull the populations of cats and small children. So hey, maybe karma does exist.

There was a report a month or so back that talked about how there's thousands or tens of thousands of pythons in the everglades now and they're completely destroying the ecosystem because skeevy dudes in T-birds listening to white snake thought that having a snake would be super awesome and a sure fire way to getting the attention of the ladies. You know, until it wasn't cool and they just let them go out into the ecosystem and destroyed it.

In many areas where the pythons have established themselves, marsh rabbits and foxes can no longer be found. Sightings of raccoons are down 99.3%, opossums 98.9% and white-tailed deer 94.1%, according to a paper out on Monday in the proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

So go ahead, Florida. Keep acting your dumb fucking self. Just wait a little longer and you'll be nothing more than consumed by your own stupidity.

It sort of makes me long for the days that Lincoln was president. Did you know that the entire south was reduced to cinders on his orders? Why yes, that probably should happen every 10-15 years, as it's become apparently clear that the South is a really bad place.

Then again, I probably shouldn't encourage that, as it will clearly be the minorities that suffer the most in that situation. Besides, it's not like there isn't racism in the northern Yankee parts either. I guess the major difference is a southern racist doesn't mind those people living nearby, just so long as they don't get uppity. a northern racist, on the other hand, doesn't mind them getting uppity... as long as they don't live nearby

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