Friday, March 30, 2012



This blog isn't really going to stay on topic. I know that already and you sure as shit should know that it's going to just go off course.. because that's just how I roll. In any case, can anyone teach me how to work with leather? I ask simply because I want to make a plague doctor mask like no one's business.

Just look at how cool that shit looks. Though I'm pretty sure that it will not even come close to looking like that for me. Well, also, I'm a guy. So yeah, I'll just look like some creepy dude who would be arrested by the nearest officer. But check out that shit..

To be honest, Plague doctor masks are very much the best thing I can think of right now in terms of wearing something for pure making yourself look completely bad asss..... okay, i can't finish that sentence with a serious face. But it's almost true. Those look pretty awesome.

That's essentially my plan for Halloween. Though I'm pretty sure that instead I won't do anything and simply stay in while sleeping so, you know. Baby steps through this process I call my shitty life.

You have to admit that those mask look very much like some sort of comic book villain. And speaking of comic books, V in V for Vendetta is a pretty bad man. I just hope you realize that. It's all too often that we seem to hero worship the wrong mother fucker out of the gate. Look at the Tony Soporano's of the world. The Walter Whites or the Don Drappers out there.

And in case you were wondering, Apparently Tyler Durden isn't suppose to be an admirable character in that film. And while I love that film and in the 11 years it has been out have watched it at least 300 times, I have to admit.. there's a little part of me inside that hates it. Though I hate it because I had to listen to years of people talking about how it was like, the deepest, man.

It sort of surprises me about the film in how many women I've met who seem to love it, even though it explicitly hates them and acknowledges their low worth in a way that most films comparatively only hint at. So clearly the inner feminist just needs to scream out like Jack's rage.

Its good as an artifact of post-modern first worldism though, and when we're gone it will fascinate our future historians on how little we cared for each other.. and for ourselves that we had to make up different personalities to keep ourselves amused

All in all, I think Fight Club is basically big enough and multifaceted enough to essentially give you back whatever you feed into it. So yeah, there's those who think it's sooooo fucking deep for no reason what-so-ever, but it can be an attempt at reclaiming "masculinity" or a misanthropic meditation or a movie about alienation in a way that deeply resonates with Marxism.

But when you choose an interpretation the other aspects that lead to other interpretations blur and lose focus. In all, it's just a little odd to sell anti-capitalism when your main star is Brad Pitt. Which is always why that line about self-improvement is masturbation. Because these two characters are buffed out the wazoo and it's just silly for them to bash sex selling.

Oh well, I guess it's just one of those things where there will be morons who like the shit you like and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

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