Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday At The Movies

Friday At The Movies

It's a Friday.. Friday, so you gotta get down with it.... right? Eh. I'm not really in that much of a writing mood today. Sorry folks, no commie-nazi anti-corporation capitalism rants today. No sir, thank you kindly. Besides, you have a really nice Hunter S. Thompson piece coming this weekend. So how about we just indulge in some little "turn your brain off" good times.

Take for example the latest Avengers trailer:

If that didn't have Joss levels of bleak drama and low points in it where the characters question if they will rise above this situation, I don't know what does! But you know what it does do.. it makes the movie look god damn awesome. For the sole fact that you have the big three (Captain America, Thor, Ironman) getting in that cliche-but-okay heroes fighting among themselves before they fight the big bad moment.

And did I ever mention I have a thing for Scarlett? Then again, who doesn't? Well.. I guess Green Lantern doesn't anymore. I actually liked her longer hair a bit better as Black Widow, but hey, skin tight suit and red hair.. can't go wrong I guess.

I do like the choice for Bruce Banner. I was a bit miffed that Edward Norton got too close to the sun with his involvement in it, but the replacement, in just that trailer alone, has me sold on the character.

Then we move on to the next thing of beauty.. Which was oddly enough dropped off at the TED convention.

I'll tell you one thing about my childhood. I grew up watching Aliens. I watched the shit out of that movie. It was only when I was a bit older did I discover the wonders that was Alien. So to have this film come out... Well, this boy is beyond happy.

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