Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama - Burning Down The Constitution

Obama - Burning Down The Constitution

For your entertainment I bring you the next in truly awful paintings that are meant to make conservatives get a stiff boner and laugh to their other conservative friends on their yacht... I present to you Obama burning the constitution.

My my, is it me or is that constitution looking like it put on a bit of weight. Though you can thank big government for that.

I dunno. I wanna say it's a subtle insult painting Obama in an ill-fitting suit, but I'm just going to hazard a guess that it's because the artist has never seen one that fits properly in person and has no frame of reference otherwise.

I'm pretty confused on why the constitution will literally turn into shit if it's exposed to flame. but hey, maybe it's just some liberties taken by the artist. Take for example this next painting, which I can't honestly tell you what the fuck is happening in the painting, but it sure as hell is making me cringe.. .

I... just don't know. I think it's against Obama.

I think.

And is that Prince Philip, back there second from the left n the shadow council? I think it's also Paul Krugman second on the right. Then you have Putin and Ben Bernanke there. i think, okay.. yeah, what's Saddamn doing in the middle? It's all sorts of confusing.

I'm also pretty certain that I saw that dude with the hacksaw standing on the corner in the middle of a Burbank residential neighborhood last Sunday with his 10 year old son, holding a Ron Paul banner.

I drove off and bought groceries and then ran errands and shit and then came back like hours later and he was still there making his kid stand there doing nothing. All day. On a perfectly good Sunny weekend. Could have been flying a fuckin' kite or something. But no. He was just standing there banking on the wrong horse. Truly sad.

Then I got distracted a little, because I saw on the news that the Kony dude was going buck wild on the street and I forgot all about the Ron Paul guy and his put upon son until just now.

Anyhow, I guess the best thing I can say about this is that it's a pretty well drawn rooster. Shit looks pretty real. But getting back to the first painting. Let's see what the artist had to say about his message, since, you know, he likes to be as subtle as a ton of bricks falling on your head.

Oh, if only everything in the arts had a convenient label so that I could understand it on a better level. Though I have to love how none of these guys have any idea what socialism is. Just look at the following video to see how they view such a crazy concept...

I just don't even have words for that sort of thing. How crazy can one get? But hey, keep that medicare coming and they'll be happy.

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