Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Roundabout Ways

Roundabout Ways

This is a little strange to say, but I love roundabouts! I mean, I really love them. I could drive around one for hours and hours. I'm also pretty sure I won't be getting too far, but I will know the lay out of the land very well after driving in literal circles.

Fun fact about Roundabouts. They are far more efficient than stoplights because they confuse the shit out of drivers, thus forcing them to slow down to avoid plowing into others. And really, that's the sad truth about it. They do confuse people on how to approach them.

Look at the above roundabout. Can you honestly tell me you would go anything more than 10 miles per hour in that mother fucker? I think not. And hey, that's for a good reason, but most of all, it does keep the traffic flowing and that helps prevent future traffic from building up. So hey, win win.

Not to mention that I like the option of making a U-turn without having to almost get killed. It's sort of nice that way.

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