Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well That Was Odd For The Day....

Well That Was Odd For The Day....

And we didn't even realize it was happening till way later. So apparently this shit went down in L.A. a couple of weeks back and I'm not even sure what to think of it.. but hey, L.A.P.D and the Military did some training in the city..
LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department teamed with military special operation forces Wednesday evening to conduct multi-agency tactical exercises in the skies above downtown LA.

Many questioned what was going on Wednesday night as a Black Hawk helicopter and four OH-6 choppers – or “Little Birds” – flew over the city, at one point hovering just above the US Bank building downtown and later flying low over the Staples Center as the Lakers played inside.

Someone could be seen sitting inside an open chopper with his legs hanging off the side.

Sky9 spotted the Black Hawk in the dark, making what appeared to be a drop off at a park before quickly ascending back into the air.

Everyday we're getting closer and closer to that dystopian future that I am so looking forward to. I'm just wondering on if in this grim cyberpunk future we have to wear tight black leather, because if so, I'm definitely going to need to hit up the gym sometime soon. I wonder if they'll have the cybergym open.

Another good question would be what the official position regarding mirror shades is. Because while I know that the matrix and the fashion era that came with it are known as The Dark Times and really should not be spoken of by anyone.

In any case, I still don't know what the L.A.P.D and military were training for, but it does sound pretty freaky that it all went down like that. Makes you wonder what's really going on, you know.

Maybe I should just pack a crowbar in my car from now on cause it sounds like the shit is about to hit...

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