Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fitting A Theme

Fitting A Theme

Songs, that is. I don't know about you but there's some TV shows that will forever be remembered for not something that they showed on the air, but for what they started with - their theme songs. These suckers have amazing theme songs that I just can't help but consider it actual music. Mainly because it's something I could listen to without any regret of not seeing a single film of the actual episode.

Take for example Terriers..

It was a great mixture of Veronica Mars with a dash of 100 Bullets crime noir. And while the show was really great, the theme song just put you in the mood for this sunny side of crime, which I have to say does a lot better of a job in the whole mystery in the sun than CSI: Miami.

Moving on to the next theme song that just rocks you...

As much as I don't dislike/like hipsters, the show Portlandia was amazingly great. Especially so if you actually have been there - You'll realize that the show doesn't really have to try hard to mock the folks from there and it really does feel like the 90's never ended. But as cool as the 30 second theme song is, the longer version is so much better...

Be it without the graphics.

And here on the list is one that I can't refuse. In fact, every time House comes on, I sort of have to pause whatever recording I have of it and just go on youtube to see this clip. Why? Because it's an amazing song long before it was attached to the show.

And while the version they show as the theme is good, much like Portlandia, the full version is just so much better to listen to. Just saying.

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