Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Party is full of Mad Men

This Party is full of Mad Men

Tonight is the return of the show Mad Men. Never has a show about ads been so interesting. Just think of it, all my career life I have been told that the show we are working on is simply there to sell ads. And it's true. All that content is the lure to reel you in and have you sit there for the half hour or hour that the show runs so that you can see the commercial spots that come on.

That's the whole point of that specific show. So you can be fed a specific type of ad. Watch Daytime TV and it's all about cleaning supplies and other homemaker shit. Watch the big game and they'll throw beer in your face constantly. Your entertainment is doing nothing more than feeding you the supplement to make sure you're a consumer.

Anyhow, I'm away right now doing more important things. I'll be back tonight to probably finish this blog post. Till then, perhaps you need to figure out what you're doing for your Mad Men party.

You know, where you celebrate an unfaithful consumer driven alcoholic asshole as he does... whatever it is that he does all day in the office.

Whatever, I'll watch it cause it's stylistic and it has Christina Hendricks. So whatever.

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