Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Like Parrots

I Like Parrots

I have to say it, I like parrots.

They seem happy.

Lovebirds are awesome. They will hang out on your shoulder and your hair and inside your shirt and fall asleep. They will also eventually learn to crawl outside your shirt before pooping. Which I guess there's just a learning curve. This period really does sound both trying and rewarding

But hey, it's hard to get mad because they are all adorable and very affectionate. Also, their poop is tiny and not really all that smelly.

Lovebirds are really affectionate but also kind of jerks. They are a bird of contrasts. So they're just cats with wings. You just better hope that the lovebird you got sold is actually a lovebird and not just a likebird. Otherwise you'll feel ripped off.

So yeah. I want a pet parrot. Or maybe two, otherwise who knows if they'll have a friend to talk to? But how could you not want a bird?! Birds rule! Any animal that was a dinosaur is cool. Who wouldn't want a dinosaur that eventually turned into something named Lovebirds. And best of all, they build their own nest.

They will do so by chewing up every god damn single piece of paper you have in your home.

Cute levels are off the charts.

Parrots are awesome that way, but remember that they are also jerks. All of them. So they're exactly like cats. Or maybe they're like children. Large parrots, depending on the species, are essentially toddlers. They're incredibly smart, often have an incredible mean streak, and if they're not raised properly, will be problem birds.

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