Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's That North Carolina? You Dislike Good Press?

What's That North Carolina? You Dislike Good Press?

Cause hey, it looks like they stepped into the ring and became the latest state to just have backwards ass fuck views on gay marriage.
(CNN) -- North Carolina voters have passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, CNN projects, putting a ban that already existed in state law into the state's charter.

With more than 1.5 million votes counted from Tuesday's referendum, supporters of the ban led opponents by a margin of 61% to 39%, according to figures from the State Board of Elections. Its backers prepared to celebrate by serving wedding cake to their supporters in a Raleigh ballroom.

Tami Fitzgerald, the head of Vote for Marriage NC, said she had been confident that "the people of North Carolina would rise up and vote to keep the opposition from redefining traditional marriage.

"We are not anti-gay, we are pro-marriage," she said. "And the point -- the whole point -- is simply that you don't rewrite the nature of God's design for marriage based on the demands of a group of adults."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for one of the groups opposing the amendment told CNN, "The numbers are not looking the way we hope they would look."

"We have been down in the polls, and this certainly is not coming as a surprise," said Paul Guequierre, of the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families. "But it is certainly not what we had hoped for."

The amendment would alter North Carolina's constitution to say that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state." Supporters argued that the amendment was needed to stop those trying to redefine marriage and ward off possible future actions of "activist judges."

Opponents called the measure redundant and warned it could result in jeopardizing domestic violence protections for women and affect couples' health benefits.

I just have to wonder if they're trying to compete against Florida, Texas and Arizona in shittiest state. If so, they have some work to do, but hey, this is a great start onto the world of being a shitty state, brahs!

You gotta make sure that those queers know they can't get married, despite the fact we already told them, gotta have it written down somewhere for future generations, ya know. I just have to wonder how it is legal to have ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments on primary ballots, let alone primary ballots in may when no body gives a shit to go vote because they know who will be the nominee.

What's even more comical is that the last time they amended their constitution, it was so they could ban interracial marriage. This stupidity goes back a long way, I suppose. But hey, it's not just North Carolina. Obama, our dear leader, has taken the official position that his views on the issue are "evolving". Which I will repeat, they're "evolving" and not "evolved"

Then again, he's pretty much always been against gay marriage, right? Or did he go from outright against gay marriage to the "evolving" position. Yeah, he doesn't support it. At the very least now thousands will move out of that shit hole state, decreasing NC's representation in congress and proving that federalism works, right?

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