Monday, May 7, 2012



Today is the May 3rd. And while everyone will be getting down with their Mexican self this weekend, I'm left stuck with this craving that I have had now for a good month and a half. The craving for something not even cooked. Raw fish!

Man, I sort of wanted to get some for my birthday, even before that- but life, she has been a very harsh mistress to me lately. So when I come across this trailer for a flick I also have been wanting to see, it's hitting me in the stomach.

Gotta say, doesn't seem that hard to do, in my opinion. Slap on some fish with the rice and bam! Sushi!

Ha, just messing. It's really an art and I do love the stuff. But Y U GOT TO BE SO XPENSIVE, SUSHI!?!

Maybe I could make it myself. The local market does have a good damn selection of sashimi. It's not like there isn't any good guides on rice and how to handle it online.. Just look at this awesome little informative piece

You have to remember that the vinegar mix is very important because the rice is so sticky. The guide also does include making rolls, but if you want to take the easy route, you can just buy some stupid machine called the Sushezi, which makes making sushi... eazy.. or some shit.

Anyhow. I didn't really have much to talk about but I wanted to convey my lusting over some raw fish in my mouth on a public venue. As well as potentially give a plug for that movie, which, if you recall from a certain No Reservations episode, was featured in..

God damn, I want to eat some sushi.

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