Sunday, May 6, 2012

You Should Donate Blood

You Should Donate Blood

Well, probably not today as you are more than likely hung over from drinking too much tequila and tecates pretending to be Mexican yesterday. But put this on your calendar. You should donate blood. You really should. College-age people are essentially the future of the blood supply since WW2 generation and baby boomers (fuck them anyway) were the main source, but many of them can no longer donate because of age and health.

So I come to you with a message approved by lf'ers and common human decency: DONATE BLOOD.

You should also convince others to do so as well. Blood donations are very important to your fellow proletariat. Rich people pay for their blood in advance- it's only the not-rich who need donated blood. You have to remember that when times are tough, the poor suffer the most, the disadvantaged and the marginalized suffer. With blood it's the same thing- but even more precious, and even more urgent.

While some technicians can be bored with their job of sticking in a needle and draining you of bodily fluids, at least realize that your blood is not helping that trophy wife with her breast enhancement- that blood was paid for a long time ago. You're helping Juan the day laborer who got hit by an uninsured motorist, or Jason the kid with sickle-cell, or Jessica the baby who was born premature.

Realize that a lot of fucked up shit is happening right this very moment and while you can't go out and save the world, everyone can go help with at least making sure that someone who is in dire need of blood has access to it. There isn't enough to go around and the banks need more of it-

I would suggest that blood donation should be mandatory. It is something that your body will replace with a little bit of time and some OJ. But that would be me pushing for everyone to live in a totalitarian rule. So I'll just hope the free cookie and orange juice and potential free T-shirt is incentive enough to get you to donate. Hey, maybe the thought that you probably helped someone who was at their worse moment with whatever accident they just got into is enough for you to donate.

I know that I have ever had a moment in my life where it depended on receiving donated blood, and I pray that the streak will continue that I don't have to rely on it. But I give blood as often as I can remember to. It's my responsibility after all, as a reasonably healthy and therefore lucky person to help out where I can.

Many people believe they are ineligible to donate when they are in fact eligible. Just check out these Eligibility requirements. Be sure to be truthful during your pre-screening to avoid wasting their time and resources. Even if you're AB+ and your blood is utterly worthless (They can use every other blood type and are otherwise parasite kings), you should still be actively trying to donate blood so that the bank can have it in there. Some blood is better than no blood.

Besides, it'll get you to socialize a little. I try to take a book whenever I go in for blood donations, but I just end up not even opening the book and just talk with the nurse because apparently I can't be around other people without chatting amicably - even though I'm a social hermit.

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