Tuesday, August 21, 2018



Oh hey, did you know that 43% of Americans can't afford the basics like food and rent?  We now live in a country where 51 million households can't afford a monthly budge that factors food, child care, health care, transportation, a cell phone and of course, the housing itself. Let's break it down a little. 

Price of a loaf of bread:
1977: $0.32
2016: $1.96

Median income, ages 25-34:
1977: $34,000
2016: $34,000

Hmmm, something seems off here and I'm not sure I can put my finger on it. Maybe we should just keep paying people to write news articles about how the new generations are at fault for society's problems because they eat avocado toast and don't want children.

It's amazing that the idea that paying people enough to live is even for a moment considered a radical and far left position that we better show those liberals who's boss mentality. It just screams about the status norm of our nation's politics and it's so god damn scary to think about.

In a different rant of mine a while back, I touched on the fact that Boomers will want to retire and sell their home eventually as they saw their property as a long term retirement investment. Well, if folks can't even afford the staples or the children required to fill those suburban homes, then they got nothing for the next generation.

To think, this is what we dump billions of C02 and waste into our atmosphere while toppling governments overseas for resources. What we kill hundreds trying to cross the border to get into a country that can provide a comfortable life to... maybe 30% of its population. We live in a lie. The American dream is simply that. A dream that many reach for but few actually achieve. It's really sad when you think about it.

The state that I love so much, California, as well as a few other great places to live like New Mexico and Hawaii have the largest struggling families at about 49%. Jesus. That's just really sad. For example, in 2016, the basic survival budget for a family of four was 85k. That would demand that you get a $42 per hour wage. But places like Washington State only had 14% of jobs paying more than $40 an hour. So how the hell is anyone suppose to survive on any of that?

But hey, at least Trump's tax cut will bring us more economic viable jobs to our nation..... oh, I guess not.  It's amazing that wages are falling and not rising. No wait, that's not amazing. It's totally expected when a tax cut that saw the major indicator that companies were just going to buy back stocks and pump up their numbers in looking good to the economy wouldn't actually benefit anyone but the company itself.  This is pretty much what everyone expected to happen with this tax cut because it is what literally happened the last time we had a tax cut like this that favored the wealthy.

Add in the latest tariff war and we're pretty much on a course to being fucked for a long time to come. Way to go. You know what will actually save taxpayer money? I mean, maybe this is crazy and all in thoughts, but perhaps getting out of the Middle East and not putting people in prison for non-violent offenses like smoking weed, walking past an imaginary boarder and then kidnapping their children and making them represent themselves in court alone.

Then again, all those things benefit capitalism so we may as well got and fucking burn the world down.  Yes, I'm jaded as fuck. But there's a very justified reason for it. I'm sorry I yet again brought you another article that has doom and gloom news instead of comical stuff. Maybe tomorrow the funny will be back, right now I just need a drink.

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