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One thing that has always confused me about capitalism is that, well... How much fucking money can one person have and why the fuck does it matter after a certain point where you are living comfortably. Capitalism is indeed like a vampire. Sucking away at labor and churning out profits to a bottomless pit. A never ending greed for more more more.

Amazon's owner, especially after getting  primed during Prime Day pushed good ol' Jeff to become the richest person in the history of history. It's societies big dick waving contest. To see who is swinging the most for some unknown reason.

Walk talk about how Facebook, in one day, lost 119 Billion because of poor performing stock prices. Again, how much money does it take to be successful? And how little do these billionaires actually give a shit about the day to day loss of a couple of billion? They don't. I mean, I'll lay it out there, this piece isn't going to be much more than an editorial with very little facts and mostly opinion put in to it.

For example, when TIME calls for Kylie Jenner to be the youngest or fastest self made billionaire, I just have to wonder what crack they are smoking and why the felt that was actually a story worth writing about. You can start off by not throwing that in to everyone's face because you fail to mention that in this game of richness, Kylie Jenner would essentially have started out two feet away from the finish line.

Self made? Hardly. Yes, she did a lot of branding of her stupid shit herself, but guess what, she had such a huge advantage in the whole race for it that throwing it out there is denying the simple fact that you're setting impossible standards. Add in that you're allowing folks to say  "See, if they did it, you can too! What's your excuse"  You know, other than you didn't have a famous name to spring board you lame ass ideas and constantly failures before the one that strikes fire eventually picks up.

Because there's plenty of failure to be had when a child of a well off family decides to make it on their own using every bit of tool and advantage afforded to them through our social structure. Failure after failure and getting bailed out constantly. A failure that would most certainly bankrupt anyone who doesn't have the luck to have been born in a rich family. That's for damn sure.

Then the moronic aspect was folks were starting go fund me bullshits to donate money to Kylie so she can complete that goal. I don't think they understand what the whole meaning of Self Made Billionaire actually meant. Otherwise they wouldn't be giving her money like that BECAUSE IT'S A GODDAMN FALLACY AT THIS POINT ON WHAT THE MEANING FUCKING IS!  You literally can't ask for free money and still have it be something you earned yourself. That defeats the whole goddamn meaning of anything and I just want off this reality already.

Then we get into why it even matters to be a billionaire. I mean, other than to leave it to your ancestors who can then feel all high and mighty because they won the lotto and were born rich to then be able to tell folks born into social and economic hardship that they should be able to attain that level of richness to if only they weren't so lazy.

Take for example Meghan McCain. She is a host on The View - Why? Because, I mean, I guess her dad and all. So right off the bat she's spring boarded off the name of someone that came before her. But she lost her fucking shit when talking to a Democratic-Socialist on the show and the audience cheered constantly for the guest endorsing socialism.
We had her on this show, and I asked her this question, what do you mean by Democratic-Socialist?” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “She went over her platform: Medicare for all, fully funded public schools and universities, paid family and sick leave, justice reform, immigration justice, infrastructure overhaul, clean campaign finance, economy of peace, housing as a human right.”
Co-host Joy Behar greeted each proposal with words of encouragement, and the audience cheered when Hostin finished listing the policies.
audience cheered when Hostin finished listing the policies.
“That sounds like a successful country,” Behar said.
The conservative McCain was furious.
“This makes my head explode, I hope Democrats do run a Democratic-Socialist (campaign) because I think you’ll lose spectacularly, and then I’ll look forward to Election Night when I can tell everybody, ‘I told you so,’ if you end up running a radical.”
She quoted Margaret Thatcher, who said socialism depends too much on “other people’s money,” and she insisted Americans would never tolerate paying taxes at the rate of European countries like Norway.
“They have given this enormous tax break to the richest people in the country,” Behar said. “That tax break doesn’t have to be so generous to the wealthy, does it? If you don’t give that money to them, what happens to that money? Better schools, better post offices, better garbage pickups.”
The audience cheered loudly, which only made McCain angrier.

Let's get this out there. Meghan was born into one of the most powerful families in DC and is the heiress to a $300 million dollar fortune. Literally, in her mind it is the worst and stealing from that big pool for poor people to have healthcare because she may be losing a small amount of change to that. It literally makes her head explode because it might make her giant inheritance just slightly less giant.

This is what I don't get. This is what just annoys the fuck out of me about this race for riches. Do you even need that much money?  Lewis Black had a comedy bit about this, at what point do you just spend on the dumbest, most rich service possible?  Oh hey, I need a ball washer to wash my balls while I walk here. Why yes, that seems like the right thing.

Rant over.

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