Sunday, August 12, 2018



Look, I think it's about time we just realize the internet was a big mistake and come to terms that we have to throw the breaker on this whole experiment and call it a day.

You recall when you heard the voice say "YOU GOT MAIL!" and you were all excited to read what some random stranger sent you via 1's and 0's. Now you're just clicking that shit straight to the spam folder. Peace out, you garbage. Times were different then. You had to make a choice;  Surf the internet or answer the phone.

Remember when there was the polite rule of No Flaming? HA, that's a requirement these days with the hostility online. But I guess we were calmer then. Wanted to load this flash movie? Well then, here's this flash game that you can play in the meanwhile as the hour passes to load.

And heaven forbid if you were the "Relative who was good with computers", holy shit, you'll have to fix every dumb mistake your family made in trying to download porn.

And do I need to say anything more than Icy Hot Stuntazz? No sir, we can not top the internet anymore. It's just a wasteland now compared to the good ol' days. May as well wrap it all up. Then again, I seem to recall somethings always remaining the same....
FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: Funny jokes about Democrats! 

It seems like forever ago since people started using Image Macros and then called them memes. At least that was the case at YTMD... oh man, could it be that You're the man now, dog was the start of this whole meme explosion?

Then you have Homestar runner. Man. What an era to be alive. At least we now have a Trogdor board game in the works.

Honestly, I'm not sure where this blog post is going. Maybe it's just to promote that, but chances are I post marked this blog for a day past when the kickstarter ends, so oh well. I mean, in general I'm all about promoting something, especially Homestar Runner. But yeah.

Sometimes when you think about the really strange shit you posted on the internet when you were younger, you got to remember that you were pretty dumb then. If you disagree, just use the wayback machine and look at your online diary you wrote in high school or.. shit, heaven forbid you look at your old Geocities sites and Live Journals. Man, those do not age well.

Honestly, I lost the point of this post. So get off my webspace, you young webersnappers!

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