Thursday, August 9, 2018



I avoided talking about this shit because,  A.) I hate Chris Hardwick with a passion.  B.) I hate these fucking post show shows that have no purpose other than extending the show a little more for that ad dollar. Yet here we go, AMC has deemed it fit to go ahead and reinstate Chris Hardwick after firing him due to allegations that he was a piece of shit to an ex-girlfriend and in an era of #METOO, that shit was pretty bad.

I mean, if AMC thinks he didn't do anything, then he definitely did something because that channel is ran by and for sadistic morons when it's not showing Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Better Call Saul.

It was after a quick rush job of a investigation of the situation that they decided to allow him to come back.  Also, just a heads up though. The law firm and PR people that AMC used to investigate this, is the same firm that the Hearst family uses and has used a lot int he past. Why that is something worth noting? Well, Chris Hardwick is married to Lydia Hearst. So, you know, it's in their best interest to clear him and get him on the air.

In any event, there's nothing to be done about this cause it is what it is. But I do have one big question.  Did we need him back? 

What the hell was it about Chris Hardwick that he had the special chemistry to bring us up to date with the material we literally just saw like no one else could? Just about any moron can sit in front of a camera and shout "Woah, I can't believe this character died!" for an hour while slowly teasing what happens next week in the most vague way possible. It's like every bad part of a Comic Con panel. Guest who either don't know anything or are under an NDR so that they can't say shit or risk getting shit canned.

More than anything else, Yvette Nicole Brown was going to be the new host for the show. So not only would you have taken a piece of shit off the show, but you would have added some color and a female host. But hey, that would be too much diversity for the sake of Walking Dead zombie shit lords.

Chris has been perpetrating grievous crimes against comedy for far too long and it's about time someone tried to take him out. If they thought it was a bad enough hit to his and AMC's reputation to take at the time, so much so that they took him off the Comic Con panels he was going to moderate as well, I don't know why they'd bring him back. I'm guessing that they looked at his contract and figured that if they didn't give him his job back, they'd be opening themselves up to a lawsuit for wrongful termination without just cause.

Here's something else I wonder. What the hell is the long term, if any, value of Talking Dead to AMC? With shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men - even The Walking Dead, you can sell the production in syndication, rented on home video and sold as well as reaired for years of stretching the value. But when you think of commentary shows like Talking Dead, what's the fucking long term worth of any of those?

I guess the fact that it cost almost nothing to make and you can sell even more ads attached to the walking dead franchise with it is the best reason why it still exist, but it's still fairly short sighted in the grand scheme of things  Add in that Talking Dead probably gets higher ratings than anything else AMC has attempted to put in the time slot after TWD. Though with this being yet another lame ass year of stories, I do wonder what the return of viewership is on the series as a whole.

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