Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What A Linda Vista....

What A Linda Vista....

That translates to "Beautiful View" to all you non-spanish speaking folks. And if you're in Los Angeles I just have to ask one thing, why don't you speak the language? But no, there's nothing beautiful about this view. It's more of a scary thing.. as in Ghost stories.

I would normally save this sort of thing for the October time frame of blogs, but maybe I'll bump it up again later so it hold some seasonal theme or something. The main reason why I wrote about this now is that there was some Ghost Adventures episode about this place. Hmm, perhaps you should watch some of it in order to get the point of reference. Here you go;

Boy, wont this blog post look silly when and if Youtube ever takes those segmented clips of Ghost Adventures off their site. Whoops, there wont even be a ghost of them left behind to yell at them like they do on the show.

But it does lead to a couple of questions. First off, is the guy a moron? How can you be serving South Central Gang members when the hospital is located in EAST Los Angeles. South Central has its own closed hospital; King/Drew Medical center which has been closed for a while now.

You see, I actually have been into Linda Vista. Many times, actually. I was the first to post a review about the place on Yelp. Suffice to say that this place is really creepy and it's about 5 minutes away from me. I would often go into there for urban exploration. Those broiler room and insinuators were still down there and looked as if they weren't ever cleaned out. The file room was covered with full patient records. It really was one hell of a creepy place to be... but it was in EAST L.A. and not in SOUTH CENTRAL! God damn it.

On a side note, a lot of television shows were filmed here and still are filmed here. It's a very popular location for a lot of movies to use this as an exterior shot and the pilot episode of E.R. was filmed here. I had a couple of gigs in here and I have known other people who had to work there for a couple of days on various productions. All of them have agreed that there's clearly some unearthly feeling in the place.

My advice is that anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area, you should make it a point to come out to this place at least once in your life in your stay in this fine city. It's really a trip to see this building still standing and a couple of years ago it was going to be taken down to build condos. Imagine how fucked up it would have been to live in one of these "high end" condos that would have been built on literally ghost turf. Now that would be some scary shit right there.

So there you have it. Linda Vista. Through the eyes of some morons on some Ghost Hunting show and through someone who grew up not more than 10 minutes away from this place.

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