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Return To Sender....

Return To Sender....

There isn't words to express how much shame I feel in America right now. And it's not just because of this one bad egg I'm going to talk about. No, I don't think this next story is a "The Norm" sort of thing. But I have to say that this seems to be the mentality all too common. Don't like it, send it back. Product is faulty? Return it to the store unless you are 100% satisfied.

Remember that theme song at the beginning of America's Funniest Home Videos? America, America, THIS IS YOU... US Couple returns faulty product; outrage ensues
seven-year-old boy arrived at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport on April 8 in the morning. The skinny boy had no luggage with him – he was only holding a letter in his hands. “I am Artyom,” he only said. He did not have any adults with him. He was wandering over the airport alone until customs officers paid attention to the exhausted child. The boy could not explain anything properly. He only handed them a letter. Employees of the airport were shocked when the letter was translated from English into Russian. Torry Hansen, a US citizen, wrote in the letter that she adopted the child on September 29, 2009. The woman wrote that she did not like the boy, he did not fit her, and she decided to return him like a pair of shoes. The woman sent the child back to Russia.

Custody officers picked the boy from the airport and took him to a police station in the Moscow center.

“The boy had a Russian passport with the US visa and a birth certificate. He also had a boarding ticket. He arrived on board a plane of United Airlines. The boarding ticket said that the child was not accompanied by adults,” Pavel Astakhov, the Kremlin’s commissioner for children’s rights said.

One may only guess how the boy managed to pass through customs in the USA and board the plane without adults. However, as soon as the boy found himself at the police station, officials of the US embassy showed up very quickly.

Russia Today: American parents send adopted boy back to Russia by himself

“They wanted to take the child away, and we had to take quite an effort to leave him here. US officials were trying to assure us that he was a US citizen, but the boy had the Russian passport with a visa. They said that it would be much better for the boy to go to the US embassy,” Astakhov said.

The boy was later hospitalized with exhaustion. Afterwards, he will be accommodated in a Moscow orphanage.

The saddest thing in this story is the fact that the adoption agency, which was in charge of the questions of Artyom’s living in the US foster family, said two weeks before that the boy was doing just fine. Photographs of the happy family and the happy boy were attached to the report, officials of the Russian ministry for education and science said.

The boy could hardly speak after he arrived in Moscow. The people who worked with him in Moscow said that he had so much sorrow and sadness in his eyes. Artyom said that he had not been eating anything for several days. He only had several sweets.
This is some fucked up shit. I mean.. Wow. WOW! "Our adopted son was faulty so we returned him to the manufacturer. This is America and defects like this should be covered under warranty!"

Honestly. What the fuck? Just when I thought America couldn't get any worse. You just find a way to surprise me like this. What would she have done if her biological child was mentally unstable? Go to the hospital and demand a refund?

When you return shoes to a store you at least have to actually go back to the store in person with the shoes and present a receipt. Talk about a complete cop out to just send a kid back. That is not only fucked up as a potential parent, but even if this kid had mental issues, do you think sending him back on a plane alone with a note written in English will help with his situation?

Dumping a human being off in a foreign country because, in your opinion, the child is mentally ill is not kosher. Hell, we often decide people we don't get along with or don't like might have mental problems. So this boy's attitude didn't fit what his purchasers/adopters wanted so they returned him like some faulty product. If you don't find something unethical about that then you're really just as awful.

Especially when the orphanage and the medical staff said they couldn't see any issues with him, and the orphanage must of had him for years. Simply put, if you adopted a foreign national and think they have a mental disorder, you should not send them back to their country of origin unaccompanied. What sort of insult to injury is it to tag him along with a note written in English? I mean.. come on! That's surely not the best way to go about solving whatever problems they have.

If you don't think the mom is the psychopath here than you're retarded. Simply retarded without doubt because no normal human being would have done that or even considered it as an option in the first place. The fact that she decided to do this as a course of action immediately invalidates her opinion of the child's mental state.

Why couldn't she just drop him off in Nebraska? They still allow that through that silly law, right? Probably not. The one time someone dropped off their 13 year old they jumped the gun and made sure that the law was changed for the dropping off unwanted kids stuff.

Sometimes I'm just amazed by people. Or the lack of concern that people have when treating others like objects or disposable items they can easily discard. Really, nothing funny about this article but it's pretty much a perfect example of FUBAR. This kid is fucked for life. This family is only going to fuck up more people in the long run.

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