Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour

In true Doctor Who fashion I'm coming to you to post this from the future. Specifically April 17th. Why this day in the future? Well, that's because that is when BBC America will be showing the Eleventh actor to play The Doctor's season. Even though it did air back on April 2nd for those in England.. So yes, I jumped in a TARDIS.. or at the very least used my TARDIS USB Hub connected to my computer and came back in time to post this.. a game you can play as you watch the latest episode of Doctor Who.

What is it? Glad you asked. It's Doctor Who Bingo!

Just print those out and play along while you watch the episode on April 17th, cause really, what fun is just watching a new episode that you've never seen and are excited to witness, when you can make a game out of it?!? Why else do you think drinking games were invented? Then again, this is Doctor Who... so chances are you wont have anyone else to play this Bingo card with. In the effort to be an optimist, there's two. Maybe you can sucker your girlfriend into watching it. I mean, what else are you going to watch on BBC America between Top Gear episodes?

Which brings up a bigger point, why did the US get BBC America to agree to play it two weeks apart? What good does that do? I mean, I shouldn't complain. For one reason, with the power of the internet shows are at my finger tips literally the moment they finish airing on the earliest coast they aired on. I could understand the move when Scifi was showing it here in the states a good couple of months before/after the season showed up on DVD and at least 6-8 months after it first aired in England. But two weeks? Seems a little pointless.

You mean to tell me I'm going to have to hold my serious time travel discussion and how hot Amy Pond is for a good two weeks as America catches up?!? How dare they! I know. Then again, that whole "Two bingo cards" theory comes into play and chances are I'll be lucky to find someone else to even talk about Doctor Who with. Though, given my Girlfriend and a close friend both are into the show, you can take that whole paragraph as sarcasm.

Besides that, how many people in the US actually get BBC America? Especially given that the previous seasons were shown on Scifi in the US, which a lot more people get. BBC America is one of those special channels you have to shell out the big bucks for, or at least go beyond non-basic cable.

Driving on Robertson the other night I saw a Doctor Who billboard and was really surprised. Doctor Who, as I've often said it, is the show that even nerds call other nerds nerdy for watching it. It's not the bottom of the totem pole, but it sure is intimidating regardless on whatever it is that I said in the last blog post about this nerd show.

I just don't see people, who don't have BBC America already thinking that after seeing that ad that they got to update their cable plan and get BBC America to watch it. Those folks who like Doctor Who already got it and then again, chances are those folks who live along Robertson already do have it. I mean, it is upper crust and BBC News actually covers stuff on what happens on the Gaza strip.

Well, anyhow, I best be off. Got much fun things to do back in April 17th time line. You know, like enjoy being 30 or something..

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