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Global Warming - Fuck It

Global Warming - Fuck It

A name you don't recognize nor probably ever even heard of before is James Lovelock. Who is he? Well, he's the guy that wrote Gaia theory and has been a big face in climate change prevention. So if anything you would think he would be a little concerned about the potential of global warming, right?

Nah, at this point he's saying Fuck it.
Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet.

The man who achieved global fame for his theory that the whole earth is a single organism now believes that we can only hope that the earth will take care of itself in the face of completely unpredictable climate change.

Interviewed by Today presenter John Humphrys, videos of which you can see below, he said that while the earth's future was utterly uncertain, mankind was not aware it had "pulled the trigger" on global warming as it built its civilizations.

What is more, he predicts, the earth's climate will not conveniently comply with the models of modern climate scientists.

As the record winter cold testifies, he says, global temperatures move in "jerks and jumps", and we cannot confidently predict what the future holds.

Prof Lovelock does not pull his punches on the politicians and scientists who are set to gain from the idea that we can predict climate change and save the planet ourselves.

Scientists, he says, have moved from investigating nature as a vocation, to being caught in a career path where it makes sense to "fudge the data".
I can't say I'm all that surprised, really. I've sort of been expecting comments like this for a while now. People moving from "let's try and limit the impact", to "it's too late, fuck it". Especially after the huge failure of copenhagen. There appears to be more and more public skepticism towards Global warming. Especially in the UK after the email leaks from the UEA.

Add in that environmental policy has been totally eclipsed due to the recession. I've not seen any mention of climate change since the email leaks. As the feeling of inevitability catches on, is it correct to assume international cooperation's will also shrink, as nations try to protect their interests regardless of anything else.
"fuck it."
So there you have it. The official response by someone of Al Gore level importance to this movement. Who cares, You'll be dead in 60 or so years if you're of the age that you're reading this blog and nothing will matter. You may think that it's a pretty selfish mind set to have on the matter, but let's be realistic here - It's true.

Besides, most of you will be republicans shortly after you start your careers so you can join the rest who never really gave a shit anyway. We have to face the reality that we never had a chance. I mean, I appreciate that people tried and that's great, but let's be real here. Fuck it.

I mean, it's poor retards that caused it in the first place, they will be the ones dealing with the fact that they can't afford to live in the protection dome. I'll just be investing in AIG and Exxon, getting rich and raising my asshole kids to continue my shit legacy in this new and amazing water world.

You mean that capitalism... can't solve problems?! I'm shocked! I really don't think Loyelock holds much scientific sway, but I think the general shift in sentiment is interesting. Also he has been a trend setter, at least in the UK. According to a recent survey of Climate scientist with at least a PHD, 83.6% now agree with the statement "Duuuuude we are soooo fucked".

If the human race is worth preserving it will preserve itself. If humans actually aren't going to survive wouldn't the next step be attempting to create some sort of permanent record of our existence. You could fit most real important literature onto a decent sized hard drive along with basic pictorial guides to major languages and a bunch of historical records and photographs for whoever comes along next, though I guess they'd have to have some way to interface with it and I have no idea how to preserve such a thing. I think that's called a National Geographic box set.

On second thought, how about we just go out in style. Let the next douchebags figure out shit on their own. Once we start to build domed cities, none of this will matter anyways. There's one dude, Bueno-whatshisname, that has the statistical model that predicts stuff with over 90% accuracy saying we'll definitely fail to solve climate change because of how awful political systems are.

Don't be too sad, check out Life After People on Hulu and take comfort that long after we've stopped existing and destroying the planet, it'll live on and be a better place. The best part is when they press some biologist to predict what will evolve and he's like "Uh.. I don't know, I mean, that's not really a question science can ans--" then they cut to the film and he looks all flustered and he's like "well, I GUESS maybe there'd be uh... flying...cats?" then they cut to a CG sequence of gliding cats flaying between skyscrapers.

There was a pretty bad ass show called "The Future is Wild" that aired a few years ago that had all sorts of speculative future animals, it went pretty far into the future too, like 200 million years. I'm guessing it was by the same FX company and they just had a lot of footage left over.

The best ones was the Squibbon. These are descended from squid, which have successfully invaded the land. They are an arboreal species that live in simple structures built in the treetops, capitalizing on their natural dexterity and acute stereoscopic vision.

Find out more about this creature. Read the key facts>"
"Eats: Forest flish

Eaten by: Megasquid"
Ah yes, I know, The evolutionary consultant was Billy, age 5. I mean, I know 4/20 was a couple of days ago, but you should really get ripped as fuck and watch it. It's fucking hilarious. So yeah, that's Earth Day in a nut shell.

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