Friday, April 16, 2010

It's That Time of The Month...

It's That Time of The Month...

Yes, it's that time of the month again... no, it's not when your girlfriend/wife/fucking lady friend won't stop whining and you're not getting any. I mean, what a frigid bitch, right? Where are YOUR benefits?! Nope, it's not that time at all, but that last part still stands, where are your benefits? Because it's another time of the month...

For UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSIONS! or maybe they wont this time. It's hard to tell.
Digital News ReportCongress didn’t pass an extension for unemployment benefits before going on a two week break. This left almost 400,000 that are receiving unemployment benefits could see no money when they run out of their long-term benefits.

Members of the House of Representatives felt it was important to extend the unemployment benefits before going on spring break. They knew that benefits would be running out on Monday if the Senate didn’t approve the bill. Unfortunately the Senate couldn’t come to an agreement because there was a debate on how the government was going to pay for the extra benefits.

The Democrats reasoned with the Republicans that were in opposition to extending the benefits by saying that they have passed unemployment extensions three times in the past over the last two years because it was determined as emergency spending. They felt that this extension would fall under that reasoning as well and wouldn’t have to figure out a budget rule that would otherwise be required.

The Senate will reconvene one week from now and they will have the unemployment benefit extension the first matter to vote on.

I mean, maybe not this time again, indeed. I dunno. We're still very rusty at this. Perhaps we'll extend them tomorrow? Who can really tell these days? Oh wait, you mean we already extended it yesterday? Well, that's a relief.

All I gots to say to dat is, Girl, those unemployment extension look good on you. Is that horse hair? You must have paid top dolla dolla for thems, right baby? Come over here and give your sugar daddy that sweet stuff. mmm hmmm.

And here I thought the republicans would block the extensions because they be hatin' on since the health care bill passed. But hey, I'm sure you're just as shocked as I am right now that it passed. Republicans would, in an instant, keep unemployed people twisting in the breeze on account of sheer pettiness. Look at the UHC bullshit.

But who can blame them, right? Unemployment benefits are just as bad as giving money to poor/lazy people; ie SOCIALISM!!!!!! I'm actually really surprised the conservatives and teabaggers aren't overjoyed by republicans not fighting it. Oh wait, those teabaggers and conservatives are more than likely half made up of people who are unemployed.

I've never drawn unemployment but that's simply because I've never really had any option to. I mean, it's paid by your employer's unemployment insurance and from my understanding is that your employer pays for unemployment insurance with the state and the state makes the payments. If the state pays your former employee your premiums go up. If you receive unemployment benefits, your former employer has to pay higher unemployment taxes which is why they may contest your benefits. Which is a pretty big dick move after just firing you.

I have a friend who is going through the process of getting unemployment. When they first applied, their former employer supported them and they approved them for receiving checks. A week or two later, they rescinded the approval on the grounds that they didn't believe he was looking for work, despite the fact they complied with their requirements to prove such. Since then they've had to attend an appeal hearing, where a group of bureaucrats attempted to trick him into saying that he's not looking for work. He didn't, but since then there's been no change in his status.

The lesson to learn from this is basically employment commissions exist to make it as difficult as possible to get unemployment and will dick you around for no good reason.

How do we fix this? Well, I would suggest that welfare were merged into one system like Centrelink in Australia, it would help with having it to extend it in the senate... potentially. But then I realize that saying "What if it worked like in Australia..." is probably the worst way you could start a political policy proposal.

Perhaps the only real solution to all this is to just go work for the Census.

Yes, that's right. Get a government job. They don't let you go unless you really are bad. So no unemployment. On the flip side there, you gotta keep paying your workers and giving them benefits that are very expensive. Man, clearly we just don't know how to handle all this capitalism stuff. Maybe we shouldn't try to bring that to Iraq when we can't really get it down here in the states just right.

Well, at least they finally passed it

Congress passed H.R. 4851, the Continuing Extension Act of 2010, a measure to extend unemployment compensation benefits and the President has signed the bill.

The bill passed in the Senate by a vote of 59-38 and then passed in the House on a 289-112 vote. The legislation includes extensions of COBRA health care insurance benefits for laid off workers, emergency flood insurance, and the Medicare payment rates for physicians. The measure would also extend retroactively the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program, through June 2, 2010.

Annnnnnnnnnd let the money flow!

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