Tuesday, April 20, 2010



It's April 20th so that means one of a few things for you. You can indulge your childish side and talk about weed all day. Except I'm sure you already do that every day.

You could possibly hail Hitler and celebrate the day of his birth.. that is if you even acknowledge birthdays. Then again, maybe Hitlder did what he did because they wouldn't let him smoke his fatty boom batty joint of top notch afghani kush on his birthday. I'm sure Jessie James is making a theme day out of 4/20 which will result in a sex tape to be released later.

The origins of 420 as a code for pot leads back to the 70's at San Rafael High School among a group of about a dozen pot smoking kids who called themselves the Waldos. Fun fact - those people are in their 50's now. Way to be hip and used memaw's words to describe your smoking habit. The code was told so that everyone knew to go meet at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur and they smoked pot there.

But hey, somewhere in the world it's 4/20, right?

I'm of the opinion that marijuana is probably okay as long as you consume it as part of a righteous lifestyle. Perhaps I shouldn't begrudge the stoners. Today is clearly their only chance to find true community spirit. It's a sort of community validation thing. Once a year you let stoners be stoners. Also, it's like, let's see what crazy shit the unemployed cooked up this year. The funny thing is that the number 1 reason that weed is not legal is probably stoners themselves.

Some of you are wondering if you should go out and make that investment for that Vaporgenie. Betcha want to hit dat sweet vape, yo. Well you know what - FUCK YOUR Bourgeoisie expensive drug use attachments. I'd rather smoke weed out of a capitalists skull.

Just think about it. Your average hippie is raging against the conservatives with their plasma screens and suvs as they consume and consume. Yet you're going to buy a $300 vaporizer? Some would say that it's healthier for your lungs. Um, if you smoke enough weed to require a vaporizer to offset the damage you do to your lungs you should probably consider cutting back.

Then there's the whole legalization of it. Honestly, it's so easy to smoke and not get caught, so who gives a shit about legalization of it? Yeah, we're funding some drug gangs and possibly Mexican mafias when you purchase weed, but so what? We fund a war machine with taxes every day and yet nobody seems to give a shit about that. Besides, it's much cheaper and more environmentally sound to grow or buy your weed locally.

Smoke and listen.. oooh yeah

Then again, maybe I shouldn't argue about weed on 4/20. That's like arguing about religion on Christmas eve. Though my annual atheist argument on Christmas eve with my family is the one highlight I look forward to all year long.

I don't hate weed, I just really hate stupid stoners. It's like Chris Rock said
"I don't hate black people, but I hate niggers"
I guess the problem is that people only really notice obnoxious stoners. No one really gives a second thought to the cool guy blazing after work or the professor who smokes on the weekends. Obama smoked weed and all you spineless liberals voted for him.

Iceland started early

Straight edge is pretty lame. Okay, you don't do drugs for whatever reason. That's fine, I guess. Not doing drugs doesn't make you cool or edgy or anything though. Straight edge is good for high school kids, but if you're over the age of 18 and you base your lifestyle off music fads, you're pretty dumb.

4/20 isn't the worse. If 4/20 had been celebrated maybe those Columbine kids would have mellowed the fuck out and not shot up their school. But still, A holiday to celebrate smoking weed is pretty much meaningless to the average pot head who has been smoking on a daily basis for their entire life. It's something retarded losers who don't have meaningful lives do to try to fit in with hippie stoners. No one who's self-actualized wants to talk to those going crazy for 4/20.