Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun Random Facts

Fun Random Facts
That are not true at all

Today I thought I would give you a list of random facts that you may not know and would probably increase your knowledge on the world around you ten fold. These are "Facts" that you should know. Why don't you know this stuff? Well, I'm here to change that right now.

Q-tip is actually short for "Queen's tip", it was originally invented for Queen Victoria, who was well known to suffer from excess earwax.

The US government doesn't regulate the amount of ingredients that can go into beer like Europe does so in case a nuclear war started preservative filled American beer would last longer and keep up morale for the hard months ahead.

Humans have bare skin instead of fur because sweaty skin reflects a lot of sunlight, keeping our African ancestors cool during long hot hunts.

Many birds like the sparrow have spotted eggs because the spots look like flies, fooling passing predators into thinking they are dead and rotten.

The reason humans have acne is because it was once considered a symbol of health. If someone ate a lot of oily and fatty foods, that person would survive longer in times of famine, and would also have more acne to show for it. Thus, acne at one point was considered attractive.

Semen can actually be used as a conditioning product for hair, as it is mostly made of sugars and proteins.

The human immune system is slow to react, so by the time a person is showing symptoms of being ill, they are no longer contagious.

The reason humans evolved to enjoy music and making music is because it was originally used as sound to warn off predators. The patterns and sound that we as humans enjoy hearing in music are also the patterns and sounds that are optimal for scaring off wild animals.

Pound for pound, the robin is the most aggressive bird.

The US census was used to round up Japanese-American citizens and immigrants into internment camps in World War 2.

A Canadian invented the sport of hockey.

Mount Rushmore was originally going to be a monument depicting the Marx brothers, however the rights couldn't be secured.

The government put chemical additives in our water supplies that can be seen when light refracts off droplets.

If you put one hand in boiling hot water, and one hand in freezing cold water, neither one will hurt.

Big Al says dogs can't look up.

The pressure from holding in sneezes damages the capillaries in your nose.

The US Government once experimented with using ducks as early warning systems against nuclear strikes. However the ducks only sounded the warning within the blast radius once the bomb had been detonated. The system ended up being scrapped as "redundant" due to the flesh searing heat being equally effective a warning as the ducks, merely a few seconds slower.

In proportion to our body size, humans have amongst the smallest penises in the animal kingdom.

Every day, six penguins die from hypothermia.

Due to an unforeseen manufacturing error all Comcast subscribers can get HBO and Showtime for free just by flipping over their cable box. Unfortunately, Cinemax is piped directly into your home through satellite so it doesn't work for that.

1% Milk is just that: 1% Milk.

The remaining 99% is comprised mostly of pus, rodent and insect parts -- which contains vitamins A, B, and D, which are are particularly good for bone growth in children.

The FDA does regulate the quality of pus, rodent and insect parts used in milk production.

Walt Disney chose the Anaheim, California location for his first theme park due its unique rock formation which resembled the Swiss Matterhorn.

In a 2009 survey of over 100,000 adults in North America, Europe and Australia, 8.3 percent of the men and 22.2 percent of the women said they had been out in public without underwear at least once in the previous twelve months.

In three counties in Ireland it is illegal to have a funeral on St. Patrick's

Anti-matter actually has negative mass, and thus a reverse gravitational field.

An American invented the sport of basketball!

Baseball used to have a military application.

The first grenades were rather unpredictable, and getting them at a safe distance while throwing them was hard, until a Leonardo da Vinci realized that the French game of "balle au bâton" could be used to propel grenades as far as possible. He then devised a primitive grenade with a slow chemical reaction that would cause the grenade to explode after about 200 feet of flight. A grenadier would have to carry a bat and swing at the grenade he had thrown in front of himself to send it flying down the center of the battlefield. If he made a slight contact with the grenade without propelling it over his allies, he would yell out "STRIKE" to have people run away.

The inherent danger made their use fan out until the invention of more modern hand grenades, but having a good batter could at some point change the outcome of a battle. One that could hit the grenade far enough could even reach the generals' tents, and hit "home base."

Most (not all) nokia phones have a reserve battery, present in all versions but only available through the menu in versions distributed to emergency personnel. You can activate it manually by entering *3370#. The phone will restart in backup mode.

Up until 1984, the legal drinking age in the Northwest Territories was 12 for males and 16 for females.

The Apollo space program was named such because the program Administrator often frequented the Apollo theater in New York

The right side of a ship is to this day called "starboard" because sailors voyaging to the New World knew that, in times of a faulty compass, as long as the North Star was on the right side of the ship they would maintain a Westward course.

Don't bother yelling at disobedient or disruptive toddlers, the sense of hearing normally only develops in humans around the age of 4 and a half.

The highest honor in the Chinese Army is to have a chicken dish named after you. The higher the honor, the spicier the dish

The government routinely leaves messages for spies in convenience stores, and the messages are printed on the receipts when a certain combination of items are purchased. I've said too much already.

The IQ test actually bottoms out at 2. That is the IQ of a pencil (the dumbest of all arthropods), and that's where the "#2 Pencil" comes from.

It would take 35,480 gallons of black ink to print off the entire internet.

You're gonna have to start paying for Facebook soon unless you join this group.

Old people "smell funny" because they are walking corpses whose rotting bodies no longer contain a soul.

You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex.

At the current rate of consumption the United States will be out of 'freedoms' in 2014.

Barack Hussein Obama is not an American citizen. However, he is not Kenyan either! Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, a full-blooded Swede whose real name is Björn Hjalkervich.

If the polar ice caps melted due to global warming, we would lose about 4 hours of a day as a result of the change of the earth's moment of inertia.

There you go folks. Entirely true facts that you are now a smarter person for knowing ... Even though they're complete bullshit.

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