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Dexter Sure Knows How To Kill Good Writing

Dexter Sure Knows How To Kill Good Writing

Now that I'm fairly sure that everyone who was going to see it has, let's talk about how shitty this last season of Dexter was. I mean, it was just awful - especially coming off the amazing cliffhanger and death of Dexter's wife Rita this last season.

Now, I wouldn't really have much of a problem if this wasn't showtime. The network has never been afraid of pushing those boarders and creating television that is dynamic and ground breaking. But since this show, Michael C. Hall, and Julia Stiles all got Golden Globe nominations for this I have to just be a bit peeved at the level of poor writing..

Though, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland and Red all got best picture nominations for comedy/musical, so maybe the Golden Globe isn't a good judge of character here. Still, Dexter used to be a show that had you suspended for the next scene scared that some serious shit was going to go down and now it's just a matter of restoring the same ol' same ol' when it comes to the show.

Anyhow, back to the main subject on why Dexter was complete shit this season.

Well, let's get to the obvious. What happened to all those plot holes? Well, that new female detective caught that one loose machete fuentes brother. She threw him in a van with Trinity's family and the FBI investigation that was attached to that, the lack of motive with Rita's murder as well as any mourning by Dexter or character development and the mountain of better evidence linking Quinn to Liddy's death and drove into a plot hole, never to be seen or mentioned again.

I think the most comical aspect of the episode had to be Deb's logic.
"Maybe it's true some people deserve to die, but I'm a cop and I don't make that fucking decision!"
*Immediately decides, as a cop, to let two people get away with murder because the people they killed deserved to die*

Let's also forget the fact that they left victim #0's body unfound and the knife and blood outside her house is just a mystery in itself. Did the writers forget that there was blood on it, implying that Lumen stabbed Chase.. and yet neither of them had any cuts. Maybe it was just corn syrup or something.

It's not just Emily's body that is still missing, but it's also the bodies of at least seven other women who had their fate sealed in barrels. They only found five barrels. There was 13 videos. Now you and I know, and Deb suspects, that #13 lived, so that should mean somewhere in the long beach.... er, I mean Florida swamps there are seven bodies that ought to be accounted for.

What's even more perplexing is that on their mock-up crime solving eraser board, they had names for many of them, despite only having DNA evidence of five. Did someone catch something I missed? And yet LaGuerta declared proudly a child's party, "There's the detective who solved the Barrel Girls case!" But can you really say it's been solved?

How exactly is this case closed? Especially if you can't find any of the rape club members. Yeah, Deb knows Chase is dead, but since Dexter and Lumen dumped off the body in the ocean with that hour time Deb gave them to clean up, you really can't prove anything. So yeah... solved how?

LaGuerta probably meant "There's the detective who solved the barrow girls case!" She was referring to a side plot that was left on the cutting room floor where there were a bunch of girl scouts stealing wheelbarrows from the neighborhood in order to facilitate cookie sales.

I only thank god and the Miami PD that the nightmare is finally over.

What was up with Dexter's nanny anyway? How is paying her to take Harrison for a weekend any less responsible than staying "at work" all night? Wasn't she, you know, pissed about having to stay with Harrison over night?

Though maybe, just maybe the worst part of the finale had to be the lack of a birthday magician. They could have set up something for next season's killer and everything with them. Maybe they just forgot to tell him that they were moving the party from Orlando to Miami.

See, I don't get the Quinn thing at all. He was detained with a mountain of evidence against him. It wasn't just blood on his shoe. Quinn's finger prints were on the van that was rented out under his name and his equipment as well as having a slew of voice mails from Liddy and leaving the finale message of "I'm done with you!" right before his death.

So why didn't the police search his place and find those pictures of Dexter and Lumen dumping off shit in the ocean? With the amount of evidence against him, they could have easily got a search warrant. Not to mention it was said that Deb was still sleeping at Quinn's even though they were fighting. Not the best place to hide pictures of your girlfriend's brother dumping off shit in the ocean right next to where you're sleeping with his sister.

And that car! Why the hell did Dexter steal that car? Well, I know why, cause Deb would have found Dexter's car in front of the cabin and well, that would probably still leave Deb not having a fucking clue who was behind those plastic sheets. But what a terrible driver Dexter is. You do have to wonder, even while wearing gloves, he crashed a stolen car. His hair must be in there as well as his blood sample. You mean to tell me the police won't follow up on who stole that car that lead to a crime scene?

I guess it was a different type of season. The guest star lived through the entire season. For a second there I thought we'll see her as a recurring character.. and then it happened. In what has to be the most terrible written way - " I must go now, my planet needs me" style of leaving the show. Ugh!

I'm not even going to touch the subject of how a rape victim could get over that trauma so fast and want to even attempt sex again, let alone the whole dark passenger shit coming and going. What does that teach victims? That it's better to hunt down and kill those who did you wrong as a perfect means to get over the trauma they inflected? Oh Showtime, you're such a character. So much so that USA wants you.

And what the fuck happened with the Fuentes brothers case? Perhaps the reason that it was never mentioned again is because Deb and Batista were the only two lead characters working on it, but even then, after Deb went to records and Angel quit the case due to public pressure, they could at least mention something about the fucking case. It was just one of those things that no one cared about in our cast.

The Fuentes Brothers case was nothing more than a method to move the plot along in other stories. Not even Dexter gave a fuck about them, and he's always itching to kill the guilty. Maybe it was also to pop Deb's cherry in killing someone. Maybe the lost Fuentes brother is really Chicky Hines.... Oh man, then the world would collapse on itself.

At least last season with the Trinity case, you had the reporter chick's hot body to distract you from the otherwise mediocre season. What did you have this time? Julia Stiles very strange facial expressions. Not to mention that Trinity was still better written as a plot device than Miguel Prado or Jordan Chase, but anything not involving him was just as bad as the side plots of season 3 or 5.

Everyone was waiting for the cliffhanger and what did they get?

Rape club story - All dead
Chase - Dead
Kids - Back in the picture for the summer.
Rape Club: Dead.
Lumen - Gone to Minnesota for that good summer weather.
Liddy - Dead. Right before figuring it all out. Way to pull a cop out.
Quinn - Cleared of all charges, but owes Dexter one and will probably drop his quest to bring him down due to fucking Deb.
Deb - Still no fucking clue about Dexter. Fucking hell.

In fact, the whole season just reset itself to the beginning. Nothing has changed. If anything, the only character development Dexter has shown in the show is that he's probably becoming the worst driver in the history of television.

Guess this season wasn't just hard for us, it was also hard on the siblings/spouses couple Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall...
After nearly two years of marriage, Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, 39, and Jennifer Carpenter, 31, are getting a divorce. A joint exclusive statement to EW from their representatives read: “Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce.” Both reps add that the split was amicable. The couple — who met on the set of the Showtime drama, in which she plays his foster sister — married on December 31, 2008. Hall completed treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma earlier this year.
Yes, that's right. Ladies and Gents, this is the end. The end of it all. This season was so crappy it ended a marriage.

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