Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Mario Crossing Over

Super Mario Crossing Over

It's December and you know what that means.... PRESENTS!

Yes, it's time for little stocking stuffer. Well, let's just call them time wasters because they'll certainly be eating up your time. Like this little goody, It's a crossover that you will be pissing away hours of productivity playing. It's SUPER MARIO BROS CROSSOVER!

Do you remember when you were a child and you read all these bullshit rumors in EGM and Game Pro about how Mega Man was going to show up in the next Castlevania and how Mario will somehow work together with Sonic.. Especially that one bullshit lie about that street fighter secret character.. Yeah, fuck that rumor.

Well, at the very least you can cross one thing off your bucket list. Playing other characters in Super Mario Brothers. It's a game that throws all the classic heroes into one video game and lets you play it for free.

Hours of nostalgia without any of the downside of having to actually pay for the game. The best part is who you can play as in this little treat.
  • Mario
  • Link
  • Samus
  • Bill Rizer
  • Mega Man
  • Simon Belmont
  • Ryu Hayabusa (as of v1.1)

Come on, doesn't it sound fun to just go crazy with mega man in this against a lot of little turtles and koopa troopas? What the fuck were they anyway? It was like a mushroom with shoes and eyeballs. Only you ate mushrooms. So that still doesn't clear up why you smashed them or why they wanted to kill you.

Anyway, if that line up isn't enough, you can look forward to a new player as Sophia the 3rd! will be in version 1.2

The best part is you don't have to use your keyboard. If you want to use a Joy2Key pad, it's very easy to set up.

So there you go. Now don't say that I didn't get you anything on this last day of Jewish Christmas.

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