Saturday, December 25, 2010

Did Anyone Call For A Doctor This Christmas?

Did Anyone Call For A Doctor This Christmas?

Ah Christmas. If there's one thing I look forward to most on this festival of holidays, it's the special treat that comes from our neighbors across the pond. While they may not celebrate the commercialization of the Holidays in the form of Jesus Christ's birthday blow out, they do have Boxing day.

But who cares about that, the real kicker is when a flying fella comes around and saves us from aliens or something else and this Holiday is no different with Doctor Who having another Christmas special that I look forward to seeing.

A couple of pictures have surfaced promoting it and it does look like a Christmas/Scrooge story after all. Just look at that open window, the side characters dress attire. Hell, it really does look like a ghost of Christmas past, present, future.. or at least Doctor of the Past, Present, Future will come visit you after all. But what is that in the background in the clouds? I mean.. it does look like a fin.

Maybe this second poster will answer that question....

What the fuck?! SPACE SHARK?!?!!?

Okay, I may be fully aware of Santa Clause, Big Baby Jesus, Hanukkah robot, Black Peter and the best one of all, Krampus. But a Space Shark for boxing day? Well now, I've seen everything! And considering I lived through RTD's run of Doctor Who, what with concrete blow jobs and fart monsters, that's saying a lot.

So yeah, this Christmas Doctor Who Special is something very unique in itself. But you know what, it makes for a really good Christmas to watch Doctor Who. It makes for a great day and gets you tuckered out so you can get tucked into your bed just right. Now, if only you had a theme bed...

You see that? Well, it is what it looks like.. it really is a Tardis bed and it exist. I have to say, it's got to be something that I would have loved to sleep in as a child. Not so much now considering it's going to be tough to get a girl to sleep in there with you. Not even saying "It's bigger on the inside" would help your case in this situation.

But really, it's a witty and fun design and who wouldn't want to own something like that?

So maybe I'm asking The Doctor for a Tardis bed this festive holiday season. I mean, where else can you role play this classic Doctor Who story...

Yes, it makes for great stocking stuffers. Hi-yooooooo!

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