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Plugging A WikiLeak...

Plugging A WikiLeak...

So the world wide manhunt for the criminal mastermind of our nations secrets has been over and Julian Assange is in British custody. I'm sort of waiting for the news reports to come in that Julian Assange is under suicide watch but somehow shot himself in the back four times.

I would like to point out that if the US managed to get a hold of Assange for espionage or whatever they'll throw against him, and successfully convict him, thus putting him to death for reporting information while the actual murder of civilians by members of the US military that he has exposed will be punished with less than a decade of jail time at the very worst.

I mean, did anything actually happen to the Apache crew that murdered journalist and shot up a van full of kids, killing their father while he was trying to help the wounded.. You know,t he first WikiLeak that was released. You know, probably not.

But look at how we make a criminal out of nothing. Look at this following news piece and you tell me what's wrong with this picture.

Why yes, we have to arrest him right now because we don't have enough information to arrest him.. Wait, what? I guess for future reference, we should ensure that future sources releasing the truth stay anonymous. Otherwise the figurative head of them will be arrested on stupid charges because foreign government's love them their secrets to be kept secret.

On the morning show Matt whatever his name said that finally, the world wide manhunt for Assange is over. Yes, such a world wide manhunt that he turned himself in. Man, those hunters must be tired of um.. not searching.

Rumor is going around that he's such a threat that while Assange is being kept in prison, he's being secluded and isn't even allowed to talk to his lawyers. Not really the case while he's in Britain, but they sure want to do that to discredit him in some shape or form.

Just imagine if WikiLeaks had simply provided documents to a newspaper and had not set up a website or discussed its role in providing them. It would have been a news article in the New York Times with the protection of the sources happily applied to them.

Then we wouldn't be faced with our government trying to just point and say that Assange is a rapist, thus meaning that any and all documents that this rapist organization leaked out about our nation should be taken with a grain of salt and proven completely false.

They sure as hell are treating him like some sort of Bond Villain. I guess he does have all the make up to be one. White hair, a creepy disposition. I mean, it's not every day that you see some Bond Villains OKCupid online dating profile. I mean, yeah, he does seem a little crazy with things like
"I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil. Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane."
But then again, it's OKCupid. Who isn't a little crazy on there? I also have to command him on his use of a description. What with the visuals of being some Nordic looking gent and carrying brown paper packages tied up with strings, what's there not to love about him? And it's not like he didn't give you any warning about his creepiness. He said it right there,
WARNING: Want a regular, down to earth guy? Keep moving. I am not the droid you're looking for.
Ah yes, a star wars reference, clearly that alone should discredit anything this man leaks out about our very open government. But yeah, I'm not sure why he has the understanding that OKCupid is some sort of amazing place to find a date.

Why hay, how can I find a girl that isn't valueless and inane and first-worldy? I know,! At least that shows how much higher it is than Plenty of Fish. Now that's where all the valueless cunts go.

You know, being a proud slumlord is something I aspire to be. But it's not the panty dropper that it used to be. I mean, Assange may be creepy, but then again, I've never seen any OKCupid profile that was not embarrassing. That's including my own.... and my girlfriends... and any girl I ever met or dated from there. To be honest, OKCupid isn't that bad. Yes, there's plenty of crazies on it but you'll be able to find someone who shares your interest..

I mean, my OKCupid profile was great because it cleverly disguised the fact that I'm a complete monster in real life and maybe a sociopath. Oh, not to mention my true body shape.

I think the real problem with online dating is that most people complain that there's not someone out there that fits their "perfect" image. Like most guys want someone who looks like Sofia Vergara and it's just a matter of coming to grips with the fact that you may be just as worthless and shallow as the "vapid cunts" that people just love to complain about.

It's not a matter of asking "why it's so hard to find girls who share my interest," and that actually comes to mean "Why is it so hard to find huge breasted red headed five foot ten amazons with low standards who share my interest"

Thankfully I found mine.

I dunno about you, but it's pretty clear to me. WikiLeaks is not some attempt to create openness in our governments and give to the people the ability of full disclosure. It's all just a vehicle for Assange to get laid.

I really do wonder if anyone ever has had a dream of sweeping some hot piece of ass straight off her feet with a well timed quote from Marx or perhaps some Mao quotes will be better suited.

Why hey, what's this?
Thu 29 Jun 2006 : Krill to the baleen of the feminine

I've always found women caught in a thunderstorm appealing. Perhaps it is a male universal, for without advertising this proclivity a lovely girl I knew, but not well, on discovering within herself lascivious thoughts about me and noticing raindrops outside her windows, stood for a moment fully clothed in her shower before letting the wind and rain buffet her body as she made her tremulous approach to my door and of course I could not turn her away.

But then, just when one might suspect that men are krill to the baleen of female romantic manipulation, I found myself loving a girl who was a coffee addict. I would make a watery paste of finely ground coffee and surreptitiously smear this around my neck and shoulders before seducing her so she would associate my body with her dopaminergic cravings. But every association relates two objects both ways. She started drinking more and more coffee. Sometimes I looked at her cups of liquid arabicia with envious eyes for if there were four cups then somehow, I was one of them, or a quarter of everyone one of them...
Man, what the fuck is that? He's basically fantasizing about protecting a woman from rain. It's like the Wizard of Oz but instead of some smart old man behind the curtain, it's just some creepy nerd with a thesaurus.

Hard hitting journalism

But what's with the fake name? I know my name is bad, but can't you use a better handle? Harry Harrison sounds like a real name which is nothing like Julian Assange. Not to mention he's really someone from history.
Harry Harrison (born March 12, 1925) is an American science fiction author best known for his character the Stainless Steel Rat and the novel Make Room! Make Room! (1966), the basis for the film Soylent Green (1973). He is also (with Brian Aldiss) co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group.
At first glance you just have to wonder if this is yet another CIA attempt to discredit mister snitch, but then you look at the last Online date and it's Dec. 31, 2006. Looks like quitting OKCupid was his new years resolution. So yeah, it's way too perfect for it to be fake, I'd bet money it's real and there's no way Assange would refute it. He'd probably just take it down. That is if he's ever allowed to touch a computer again.

Now that Assange is free, I wonder how many hours it will take him to delete this embarrasing OKCupid profile. Though, if no one else understands it, I bet he would realize that this page will be on the internet forever.

Much like I just realized that this blog will be on here forever... and ever. Oh man, the shit I've said. That will never stop haunting me. But hey, it's not like you folks with LiveJournals in the past don't have that shit hanging over your head, so stop judging, judgy.

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