Monday, February 21, 2011



What a perfect day to have this piece be the center of my blog post. It's President's day. That day we look back at the people

I do wonder why Obama is symbolically trampling on his favorite illegal socialist legislation in exactly the same manner as he tramples on the god-fearing bill of rights Amendments? Now, I'm not going to fully defend Obama here. If you read the constitution once or twice you'll maybe figure out that Obama is not stepping on it at all.

He even labeled all the little scraps of paper. I mean, that's gotta take some spergin' to do. Yes, the scraps of paper at the bottom are significant For you see, Obama is stomping on the constitution. It's really a case that Americans would literally tomb and embalm the founding fathers to worship them like Lenin if they could.

I have to wonder why the hell is FDR in Obama's side clapping? It's implying that he's one for unlimited spending on the backs of the tax payers. Never mind that he was actually spending a lot to pay for a war on two fronts. A JUST war, might I add, unlike Bush, who is clearly there for the "Every man" who decided to carry out an unjust war because they wouldn't let us put a pipeline in their backyard.

This really needed a revision like the one that got turned into a Cthulhu nightmare.

I mean, in all reality, this is just really a giant effort political cartoon done with nice paints.

Even the flag pole is on half mast! Ha! I also see Reagan in there telling the man to pull himself up by his own bootstraps. That a boy, you ol' gipper. It's also amazing simply to see FDR stand. Miracles of miracles!

Though, I don't remember anymore, can anyone tell me how long it's been that Teddy has been on the right's shit list?
"Who is the Forgotten Man? He represents every man, woman and child of every color and creed who is an American."
Why yes.. the every man is a fucking white guy.

What he wrote for Bush may seem pretty factually correct though. But then you get to Obama and you can't help but hate everyone. I mean, there's only one black man in that picture and of course he's wiping his feet on the constitution. George W... Liberal hero indeed.

Bench: crafted by fine American craftsmen; it represents the process of capitalism and it is also the only thing holding up the forgotten man.

Leftist Counter Point: Bench was paid for by the government and it is sitting in a public park. He did label the stormy skies. I just wonder what's going on in the picture with the dialogue between the presidents.

JFK: hey, 'bama, knock that shit off bro
Bush Jr: yeah what he said dude
Nixon: *fierce death stare at negro president*

Maybe it's just a case that the forgotten man is just a grown up Justin Bieber. If you look close enough, you can tell that it's the first Doctor on the far left over there. On that note, how did everyone like Galiffrey One this past weekend?

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