Monday, February 14, 2011

CBS Cares

CBS Cares...

About your testicles....

Yes, this Valentine's day, don't worry about going out and getting those dozen long stem roses. Toss out the chocolate and forget the teddy bears and cards. Just give her the gift of getting yourself checked out.

I can see it now..
"Honey, for Valentine's Day I checked my balls for cancer!"

"... we're breaking up."
Yeah... I'm not sure that the whole ball cancer is a good cop out for not getting them a gift. I mean, you could possibly offer the actual touching/checking for ball cancer to your partner. But that seems like more of a gift for you.

Though I have to say, even more disturbing than that ad, which oddly has various versions for various holidays, is this next ad that was seen last week during the Superbowl. When I saw this ad, I cringed and hated humanity all that much more.

After seeing that, I really wish he got testicular cancer. I mean.. seriously? Why yes, let's forget about anti-lock breaks and focus on making sure we can Facebook stalk someone easier while in traffic.

Nothing is more important to my safe being in a car is than by being able to check my facebook updates. I mean, who comes up with this shit? Are we to the point were we just don't give a shit about safety anymore and are more focus on self adsorbing bullshit.

So yes, this Valentine's day, don't forget to check your balls.. and try not to e-stalk the person you're trying to date.

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