Friday, February 11, 2011

The Final Friday Night Lights

The Final Friday Night Lights

For me Football didn't end on Sunday with the Superbowl. No sir, I didn't even care about the players, teams or anything behind the scenes of that four hour block of commercials.

For me, Football ended on Wednesday night when the 101 network aired Friday Night Light's 5th season and series finale. How could you not have been invested in this show with such a great season so far leading up to the final State Championship game.

It's really amazing that we even got to five seasons of this show. After the first season the ratings weren't all that great but they still allowed a second season to go on.The quality of that one seemed to dip a little as they were trying to appeal to the more CW audience and then the writers strike happened.

NBC was going to let it die but then they struck a deal with DirecTV who would share the cost in order to get first run episodes on their 101 network in what should, by all account, have been their last season. The third season was even looking like a proper way to end it. I was more than happy to let it go at that point as getting two more seasons was icing on the cake before they threw a curve ball of an ending at us.

Then DirecTV came back happy with the deal and ordered two more seasons and here we are now with what is a completed story for what can be considered one of the best television shows that has been made.

I'm ranking that up with Six Feet Under, The Wire and any other highly praised show that you probably didn't watch. It's really that good. The acting is amazing and aside from a few story arcs in season 2, it didn't lose itself in terms of quality throughout the whole series.

If you haven't seen this show, I would suggest going out and renting it. You don't have to like football. Hell, I didn't care for the sport at all, but this show is so much more than just football. You'll actually care about these characters from a small Texas community.

The dvd for the 5th season comes out on April 5th. The 5th season starts on NBC on April 15th. It's pretty clear that they don't give a shit about the ratings. They're letting it air and that's all that really matters. Though, to be honest the real way to see it after it started on the 101 network was exactly on that.

For some reason NBC felt the need to change some of the music and they cut out a lot of it. The music itself was just one of the best things of the show. It seemed like they always knew the perfect song to go with the scene to just heighten the whole scene so well.

So with that, it's time to say goodbye to one of the best shows that ever was and that got to finish its story.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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