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Another No Shit News Piece

Another No Shit News Piece - Reagan

I love it when the news media passes information that is pretty much common fucking knowledge by now. Like, you can take this and file it in the "No Shit!" folder.
WASHINGTON: Ronald Reagan's son says his father was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease while still president, the first time such a claim has been made by a relation or associate.

It has provoked a dispute between Ron Reagan, 52, a liberal broadcaster, and his elder half-brother Michael. Both are publishing books to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Mr Reagan's birth next month, which will begin a year of events commemorating the 40th US president. Critics have previously said Mr Reagan was not fully in touch in the latter stages of his presidency.

Some doctors have blamed Alzheimer's, which severely affected the president in his final years before his death in 2004 at the age of 93, although it was not officially diagnosed until 1994, five years after he left office.

In his book, Ron Reagan said he first grew concerned about his father's behaviour in the mid-1980s. Ron Reagan told ABC in the US: ''There was just something that was off. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. There was something wrong at the margins that I wasn't entirely comfortable with.''

He suggested that he saw hints of confusion in the 1984 campaign debates with Walter Mondale and again in 1986 when his father could not recall the names of canyons he was flying over in his home state of California. He then observed that the president was using note cards as he spoke on the phone in the Oval Office. It was about then that Mr Reagan called Princess Diana ''Princess David'' at a White House function.

Michael Reagan, a conservative political consultant, denied his father had suffered Alzheimer's in the 1980s. ''What a way for Ron to say, 'Happy 100th birthday, Dad.' Ron, my brother was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive, and today he became an embarrassment to his mother,'' wrote Mr Reagan, 65, who was adopted during the president's first marriage.

Telegraph, London
How was this not confirmed a long time ago? I'm pretty sure it was but much like anything to do with Reagan, no one actually cares. He was seriously developing Alzheimer's before his second term began. Think about that.

Just think about how we let someone who was forgetting that he starred in a movie with a chimp control this once great nation of ours. He literally had Alzheimer's and yet he was still a better president than Obama is today. In fact, Alzheimer's would make Obama a better president.

I mean.. what the fuck kind of chart is this bullshit?

But anyway, back to the point...
Both are publishing books to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Mr Reagan's birth next month, which will begin a year of events commemorating the 40th US president.
Well then, time to end my life. So we're getting a 'year of the gipper'... In retrospect, it's really too bad he didn't just push the button. Just think about it, a year of events commemorating his life.

It's really scary that they're doing some kind of halftime ceremony in Reagan's memory. Hopefully they'll just dig him out and instead of a coin they'll flip him to see who gets the ball first. It's only fitting given the fact that he did a coin flip in the past...

Just compare the audience reaction to Mcelhenny and to Reagan. Though I'm a bit shocked more from that clip that the Dolphins didn't call tails. I mean, really? Your team is named after a creature with one, perhaps you should always call tails in that situation.

But do you remember when Ronald Reagan was just a horrible Hollywood actor? Top billing opposite a fucking chimp. Holy shit, get a steering committee together, Virgil, this guy gets humiliated by primates like a champ he could go all the way! Oh wait, how about when he was a terrible California governor?

Let's be fair, the man just wanted to go down to the local news stand and read the latest magazines. If you don't know what I mean then let me explain. It's pretty clear that he was mentally out of it because on several news paper interviews over the course of a couple of years, he kept telling the same story over and over again about how being the president is tough mainly because he couldn't walk down the street to the local news stand to read a magazine.

Many people think Nixon was our greatest monster. They're completely wrong. Reagan was far worse. What a terrible excuse for human garbage. Oddly enough, Reagan is just like Nixon. Though it's comical since Nixon thought even Reagan was crazy. But with the both of them, most of the people that hate him were born after he left office.

And even then, we're having the nations youth grow up being spoon fed this idea that he was some great man for some reason. They're going out of their way so much, that it Looks like GE, the company that embraced him as head is throwing him the celebration.
Don’t let anyone tell you that America’s best days are behind her-that the American spirit has been vanquished. We’ve seen it triumph too often in our lives to stop believing in it now
Oddly enough, they don't seem to mention why they fired Reagan on there. Though let it be a reminder that GE shaped Reagan into a right-wing shithead because he was a terrible actor who couldn't find work, so he had to become a spokesman for their shitty TV programs to earn some sort of a living.

Who would have thought that we would end up with someone who says something like this..
We begin bombing in 5 minutes."
Why yes.. I could just see a narrator right now.

Narrator: and if Ronald Reagan were alive today he could bomb with 30% greater fuel efficiency thanks to the GE90 jet engine from GE aviation.

cut to:
GE innovating tomorrow


I mean, this is the same company that brought you this ad...

If you still think GE isn't evil, just rememebr that GE made nuclear weapons up until 1989... And while everyone always wonders why I don't watch 30 Rock, I guess it's because it's a deliberate campaign by NBC and GE to make its machinations look cartoony and kooky, like a Mr. Magoo of industry.

But I guess that works for all of you who like it because it just means they'll never cancel it. I'm sure many of you don't give a fuck about them building mass amounts of bombs as long as they don't mess with your Thursday night line up, right?

But you want real proof that GE is evil? Try this on for size!
Send us your Ronald Reagan stories and photos by email

{email address}

Call the GE Storyline to record your memory

{phone number}
Surely at least one of you people still remembers running into Reagan at some point in time in your life. Please share your experiences and your fan fictions with GE. Pay no attention to the fact that GE corporate is funding this whole 2 year campaign to boost Ronald Reagan's image further into the stratosphere.

Oh, if only we had a star wars program now..

I think it was pretty clear to everyone that he wasn't all correct up there. The dude called his wife "Mommy". If that didn't clue you into his world of creepiness, I don't know what would.

And don't get me started on Stockholm syndrome..
Capitals of former Soviet bloc countries, such as Budapest and Prague, are also planning to host conferences and raise statues to the president instrumental in ending the Cold War.

"A good number of people we're dealing with were in prison or threatened during Reagan's presidency. They're very emotional about this," John Heubusch, executive director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, told the Post.
ugh. I fucking hate Reagan. I really really want to go over to his memorial library, one which has air force one and is in the middle of fucking nowhere on your way to Santa Barbara, and just take a giant piss on his grave.

Hmm, it's a nice sunny Saturday before the "big game". Maybe I will. I know there's at least one really good brewery on the way there. Gotta reload, don'tcha know. Like Sarah Palin says "Don't retreat, reload!"

Or in this case, re-chug a bottle of beer. But as you can see from this chart right here:

Fuck Reagan. Fuck his corpse and everything he stands for to the republican right. If he were alive today he would be 100 and not know a single thing, much like how he was during his presidency. And yet he'd still know the most evil things to do, like Prop 13 in California. For you see, he has evil in his bones.

Let's salt the earth over at his memorial ground. It's only fitting.

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