Friday, February 4, 2011

Twas The Night Before Con Tickets...

Twas The Night Before Con Tickets...

Twas the night before Con tickets and all through the basement
Not a geek or nerd tweeting, not even a text sent

Their browsers were pointed to the homepage with care
In hopes that con's registration wouldn't leave them with sad stares

The fanboys were nestled all snug in tuantuan sleeping beds
While visions of slave Leia's danced in their heads.

When out on the net arose screams spreading
I sprang from the bed to see what was trending

Away to the net I flew like a bat-mite
Flipped open my laptop and logged on to con's site

When what to my wondering fears should appear
But 404 Epic site failure, oh dear!
Come on back up server kick in full gear.

Fifteen minutes to fill out the application form
If I can't get a ticket, Con committee I will scorn!

Paying one hundred and five, with no preview night attached
Damn, looks like I'll be in line at con for next year's first ticket batch.

Finally tickets were had and dreaming can start
For February and July were not that far apart

Thoughts of con's jammed pack potential filled this Cylon slipper wearer's mind!
What's in store for this year? Excitement in all shapes and kinds

With a con book in hand and a watch on my handle
I'll get ground floor info racing from panel to panel.

But more distracting than Lantern chicks, the cosplay will be
So many dorks and freaks, dressed up in neat things to see!

Now Doctor! now, Jedi! now Disco-Boba! now, creepy tight pants tron dude
Can I snap a picture. Another, another! Maybe one not so lewd?

Half off trades and artist sketches for dollars and dollars
Famous comic writers and artist, it'll make this fan holler

Oh, Baronesses! what fat darth! nice hats worn by brown coats-o-many!
So many storm troopers, But no time to chat, I got to get to ballroom twenty!

Gas lamp district will be there to reap the post evening enjoyment
With after party and festivities, I'll surly need more employment

So much fun to be had at comic con this year
And con's staying in San Diego, so nothing to fear
Except for the nightmare of getting tickets to next years...

Here it is, all you nerds. It's the night that you need to be tucking yourself in with your Chewie stuffed doll early tonight in your Battlestar Galactica sheets and turning off your green lantern night light off a bit early. Tomorrow morning is the big day!

Now I know what you're thinking. "Well, isn't that every Friday night for a nerd?". While I'm not going to judge if someone of the geek variety was staying home for the sake of making sure that Fringe got it's ratings up, there's another reason why the nerd community will be getting sleep early tonight. Tomorrow morning is when tickets finally go on sale for San Diego Comic Con

I know, it feels like its been forever since they were originally going to be sold but then come system error after system error. All this after a long drawn out fear that comic con wasn't going to be in San Diego and was potentially moving to L.A. or Vegas in the years to come.

According to the Comic con website, they did do the test a couple of weeks back to see if this new system would work for them. Not sure what was so wrong with the one from last year where they just opened tickets up and allowed them to sell out without creating some huge hype behind it. But they tell us that it shouldn't crash...

Let's just say that I still have my doubts. I mean, what was up with that one attempt to just move it to 6am PST in hopes that a lack of West Coast people wouldn't be awake to help control traffic to the site? Really?! REALLY?!!?

But hopefully that nightmare can be over and you can at least sleep comfortable knowing that you got yourself tickets to get into the show. At that point it's time to move to the next nightmare in trying to book a hotel room.. Dun dun DUN!

Last year the booking system was awful. It didn't help that the Hyatt seemed to be in favor of screwing out comic con folks to appeal to Al Gore's little shindig. Now I'll be honest, I love the Hyatt. It's not as close as the Marriott, but man does that downstairs bar attract the big names

What can I say, I love going to comic con. Such fun time even with all the crowds and madness behind it. Hell, I need to take off my socks to count the times I've been and even though I question my willingness to do it again the next year while I'm at con faced with the insanity, I'm always still going back for more.

So best of luck to one and all in getting tickets tomorrow. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of passes.. just not sure how badly SDCC will mess up some companies' server center.

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