Saturday, February 26, 2011

X-Men: Staying Classy

X-Men: Staying Classy

So the prequel to the X-men franchise from Fox had its trailer released. Here, take a look..

At first glance it doesn't look terrible, which is in itself surprising given the whole notion that this was made in order to keep the X-men license to remain with Fox and not revert back to Marvel/Disney. It's a given that Paramount and Marvel seem to be a lot better team when it comes to treating characters a whole lot better while at the same time making better movies with the franchise.

Why did they decide to use Azazel? I'm fine with their other choices.. I guess, I don't care that Havok is there. But Azazel is a remnant of Chuck Austin and his run of X-men. I mean, what was the point with that choice? I can picture the conversation:
"We need a teleporter because that one scene in X2 is all I can think of for an action sequence. Who else on the wikipedia character page has teleport powers? *points to name* Put that guy in! He makes no logical sense to be in there and is a leftover from the absolute nadir of the franchise? Who cares, put him in!"
I realize they're going to use him as the "Wolverine"-ish character has sex with Mystique as a coy nod to Nightcrawler's origins. Which isn't terrible in itself, but every time I think of the guy, i think of that terrible story that introduced him and I want to just stab something.

At least McAvoy and Fassbender will likely be holding up a solid chunk of the film, and that means it should at least be worth a watch on TV or via rental. So yeah, the trailer was way better than i thought it would be. I'll probably see it on the lot now. Which is different than my view point on it before.

Though, you have to realize that while the trailer is decent, that doesn't mean much. A lot of bad movies have very good trailers made for them. May I remind you that this was the trailer for Wolverine Origins.

And this one was the trailer for X-men 3: The Last Stand

Other examples of this are clearly Matrix: Reloaded and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl had a really bad one. Fight Club looked like complete trash as well as How to train your dragon and dare I say it, Shrek looked pretty awesome.

So that's why I'm still reserved on this whole thing.

Trailers have a decent rate of conveying how awesome a movie is going to be, but there is a significant percentage that either disguises a total turd or make a good movie look awful. You really are better off holding your judgment until the reviews start coming in.

And with a comic book movie like X-men, you can expect the online community to be pretty vocal about either loving or hating it.

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